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How to create global change in your health and life

Posted Sep 01 2010 4:37pm

“Wellness is not the absence of pain, but the absence of limitation.” – Pete Egoscue

Micheal Neill describes himself as a transformative life coach or supercoach and in his recent newsletter he wrote about the 3 levels of change. I am going to take his idea and explain how this applies to Egoscue and your health and wellness.

Level I: Change in a Specific Situation

Level I change is what most people do most of the time. This is having an issue in one specific area of your health and doing something about that particular issue and then going back to living life in just about the same way as before.

Ex. 1: You are told you have high blood pressure and your doctor prescribes medication to lower your blood pressure. You decide to take the medication and continue living life the same as you did before. Six months later at your followup doctor’s appointment your blood pressure is within the normal range and you are happy.

Ex. 2: Your knee starts hurting during and after your daily runs. You go to your physical therapist who explains that your patella (knee cap) isn’t tracking straight and you need to strengthen your vastus medialis (muscle on the front inside of your thigh just above the knee). You complete 8 weeks of physical therapy to strengthen your knee and return to running and feel stronger.

Level II: Change in a Specific Life Area

People usually have to get to a breaking point to move into level II change. This is where someone changes a whole aspect of their life to improve their health and this has a lasting impact on their long-term wellness.

Ex. 1: You have been consistently gaining weight, exercising less, and working more stressful hours each of the last 10 years. You have a heart attack that scares you to make a big change in your health. You go on a vegetarian diet, start exercising 60 minutes per day, commit to meditating for 15 minutes daily and tell your boss you are no longer willing to work weekends and holidays. Over the next year you lose 35 pounds and your heart performs much better on your followup stress test.

Ex. 2: You have had an episode of back spasms and pain 2-3 times a year that will force you lie in bed for a couple days but usually clears up after a week or so and you go back to living normally. This most recent episode caused much worse pain with sciatica going down both legs, numbness in your lower legs and feet, and you were unable to get out of bed for 2 weeks. Your doctor said you have several disc herniations and stenosis, both of which if not treated could lead to permanent nerve damage in your legs possibly putting you in a wheel chair. Wanting to avoid surgery you enroll in 16 sessions of Egoscue and do your menu daily and after several months are feeling 90% better and commit to doing Egoscue daily for the rest of your life to avoid having another scare with your back. It has been several years and you’ve only had 2 very minor episodes of back pain and doing your menus quickly took it away.

Level III: Global Change

Level III change involves adopting not just a new exercise routine, diet, or fitness program but a completely new paradigm. When we make a paradigm shift nothing is left untouched and we emerge a new person. Egoscue is meant not to be used to address a situation (level I change) or an area of life (level II change) but the entire person’s way of living (level III change). Pete Egoscue has tried to get people to understand this through his books , radio show , and clinics and when people understand his true message – life is never the same. Here are some of my favorite quotes and ideas from Pete Egoscue that might help you understand and experience a global change in your health, wellness, and life in general.

“It is your birthright to live a pain free and active life without limitations”

“You are not broken”

“You know more about your health than anyone in the entire world”

“Your body has no design flaws. It’s only limitations come from our minds”

“Age is not the determining factor in health”

“You can treat pain (physical/emotional) but to heal it, you have to make a change”

And we all know Pete is talking about a level III change – global change – and once you experience that you will feel like a kid again: free of pain, limitation, fear, guilt, worry, doubt and full of imagination, excitement, energy, enthusiasm, joy, love, kindness, and peace.


Michael Neill is the best selling author of “Supercoach”, “You Can Have What You Want” and “Feel Happy Now”, published by Hay House and translated into 8 languages. He is an internationally renowned success coach, a media commentator and advisor to movie stars, music moguls, business leaders and Royals. [ Read More... ]

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