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Hip/Groin pain when I go from sitting to standing position

Posted by jennys2305

Doesn't hurt when I'm sitting or laying, only when I go to stand up and take those first few steps. Pain is mostly in my groin area, but have felt pain in my outer hip area also. Pain has been present for several weeks. Now walking with a limp due to pain.
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Have you found any answers to this question?  I have been having the same problem for the past week.  It sounds exactly the same -- pain in the groin, hip and upper buttock for the first few steps when I stand up.
Went to the doc and was told it was tendinitis. Prescribed meds. But to be honest, it isn't any better today than it was. May go back to the doc.
I have had this problem for years and have been through the ringer about this with many doctors and they all tell me it is sciatica nerve. I have been through years of tests and doctors tell me I have to live with it. It has caused me to lose my jobs, I walk with a cane most of the time now. I am practically disabled from this problem and my life hardly seems worth living lately. I am in terrible pain and my quality of life is yerrible. I feel hopeless and I feel as though at the age of 47, by the time I am 57 and 67 I will be crippled. I can not support my self adn I live in poverty becasue of this disability. I am a self employed raphic designer and photographer but I miss so much work from this and I turn down so many photography jobs like weddings that it is hurting my income. The stress of this injury is causeing other neck and back problems and everythign is like a domino effect. I baby one leg so the other one starts to get tired adn themn my muscles start to ache and walking with a cane is really hurting my upper back and I feel at time I look like a cripple when I walk. People stare at me adn I am certainly not going to find the love of my life in this condition. It is hard to keep weight off becasue my mobility issue. I have a cyst in my L4 L5 region. I have been in a bad motorcycle accident and have fallen becasue of this leg many times and a couple of them were very bad falls. I am a 47 year old very independent woman that used to like to hike and take pics and do all sorts of out door activities. I went from being a strongindelendent woman to a weak cry baby. I am desperate for help and do not want to live like this any more. The pain is excruciating. Doctors keep shoving pain pills and antidepressents down my throat and I have taken myself off of everything except tramadol for the pain. I do not have a pill deficiency, I have a serious pain and leg problem. Doctors say surgery is the only way to fix this but that NO doctor is going to take a risk and do this kind of surgery. At this point, I wouldn't care if they cut my fricken leg off. I am in terrible pain and i CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.
I really feel for you and understand that there are many people going through the very same thing right now.  You are not alone.  What is most powerful than any form of treatment is your own will and dedication to your body and healing.  It's like anything you've succeeded at; make a plan.  Write it down.  Research online, it's all there.  Read and print out information. Print out stretches and excercises and put healthy fresh food into your body whenever possible.  Make a plan and take little steps every day to get better.  You have to decide what you want and be clear about it, keep on track and stick to your daily exercises and stretches.  All you need is water, a mat, light weights and/or resistance bands and some knowledge and you can get back to where you were.  Just focus and stay positive.  

I have a similar situation at the moment - soreness in the hip - and difficult to pinpoint, except that it is sore when I walk on it or stand on it. Sitting helps to relieve the pain and in the mornings I am usually feeling improved. Have been to physio - he tried working on the joint with traction to no avail after 2 weeks of treatment. Tried a Chiro for 2 visits which seemed to help a little. Went to trigger point massage therapy - she couldn't find the problem either. While there were some sore points, the core issue is still there when standing or walking. So I've dont a heap of research and can only comment on what have found in my case.. 

Clearly compression on the joint causes the pain. Either the pain is coming from the spine (nerve compression from prolapsed disc) or from the hip joint. I am slowly ruling out the back option as the chiro straightened me out and the pain stayed. Also because sitting seems to ease the pain. In my case the the pain feels like it's close to the bone/ around the femoral neck. My pain developed after excessive cycling and stretching while training for long distance cycle races (100+km). I believe my issue has to do with either:

1. Most Likely - Ligaments over-stretched through excessive use or over-stretching.

ON LIGAMENTS..There are several important ligaments in the hip. Ligaments are soft tissue structures that connect bones to bones. A  joint capsule is a watertight sac that surrounds a joint. In the hip, the joint capsule is formed by a group of three strong ligaments that connect the femoral head to the acetabulum. These ligaments are the main source of stability for the hip. They help hold the hip in place.


A small ligament connects the very tip of the femoral head to the acetabulum. This ligament, called the  ligamentum teres, doesn't play a role in controlling hip movement like the main hip ligaments. It does, however, have a small artery within the ligament that brings a very small blood supply to part of the femoral head.


A long tendon band runs alongside the femur from the hip to the knee. This is the  iliotibial band. It gives a connecting point for several hip muscles. A tight iliotibial band can cause hip and knee problems.


A special type of ligament forms a unique structure inside the hip called the  labrum. The labrum is attached almost completely around the edge of the acetabulum. The shape and the way the labrum is attached create a deeper cup for the acetabulum socket. This small rim of cartilage can be injured and cause pain and clicking in the hip. 

In this case, I hope rest and gentle use over about 4-6 weeks should see marked improvement. Today I'll be hiring crutches to give my hip some rest for a week or 2 and see how that goes.

2. Next Most Likely - Muscle tear. Again lots of rest and very gentle rehab - moving the hip through it's range of motion, gently working the muscles to move leg back and forth and eventually up and down. Again - crutches will help rest the hip.

3. Other possibilities - bursitis (not likely as the pain does not seem to fit bursitis), or labrum tear or bruising - not likely to be a tear as I didn't have an impact injury, but could be bruised due to excessive stretching - rest should help.

If you can see your doc and get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, you should be able to arrange MRI scans from there to determine what is going on and get help. As you wait for your appointment, get as much rest as you can, and be patient to make a slow recovery over 1-2 months, maybe more.

all the best! 

 I think I have an answer for you. First, here's my story: I have extreame pain when going from sitting to standing. It's can be like lock jaw only in the front of my hip in the groin area. Walking/ running/ standing and even sitting hurts. I have had 8 doctors tell me that it's my sciatic nerve because I have a herniated disk at L5; and a couple of doctors tell me they don't know why it hurts but it'll get better in 6-8 months by resting! I went from training for a half marathon to laying on my couch for 2 months now "resting"....

I know the frustration. I have literally had to yell at my GP to get more tests ordered; they are so quick to give up or assume you are trying to score pain meds. I have had 2 MRI's on my back, 1 MRI on my neck, 2 MRI's on bilateral hips (1 with contrast), 2 x-rays on my back, 2 x-rays o my hips (bilateral), 2 bone density tests on my lower back, and an ultra sound on bilateral hips. The ultra sound showed cysits in my hip/ groin area. I will be getting injections for the pain and I will probably get the cysits removed.

If you haven't already, go to your GP and ask for an ultra sound on your hips/groin to check for cysits and a hernia (I think it's called a vascular ultra sound) and an MRI with contrat on your hips to check for tears in the tissue. Also, get a referral to a pain management specialist (spine specialist) to get cortizone injections in your hip for the pain. Also, pray. Prayer is the nerve that moves Gods hands.

To the original question, your answer is probably inflammation in your SI joint. I had that exact thing and a doctor couldn't figure it out, but a nurse did. The fix? When it's inflamed (it acts up sometimes), rest, ice 10 min/heat 20, ibuprofen 600mg every 4 hours, and an SI Belt, which you can buy at most drug stores (I got mine at Walgreens). I must say, as soon as I put the belt on, I felt instantly better. Remember it goes around between your waist and where your legs bend. Oh, it was such a relief! Search for it - I bet you nod at every symptom.
To the original question, your answer is probably inflammation in your SI joint. I had that exact thing and a doctor couldn't figure it out, but a nurse did. The fix? When it's inflamed (it acts up sometimes), rest, ice 10 min/heat 20, ibuprofen 600mg every 4 hours, and an SI Belt, which you can buy at most drug stores (I got mine at Walgreens). I must say, as soon as I put the belt on, I felt instantly better. Remember it goes around between your waist and where your legs bend. Oh, it was such a relief! Search for it - I bet you nod at every symptom.
What is an SI belt?
what about torn cartilage in the hip joint, called acetabular labrum tear
I have the same problem. Can sit ok; can stand ok, but going from sitting to standing is sometimes very painful and then when that happens I can barely walk. It seems to be the ligament or muscle connecting the groin to the thigh/leg. What is that ligament or muscle called?

Omg!! Finally found others with same thing

I'm going threw, Back in December I fell straight on my knee very hard impact

Waited 2wks to get it checked as my sisters were like oh your fine it's just bruised

Well yes it was very bruised, the hospital did X-ray said nothing broke in knee but looks like might have a tear n some fluid behind the knee, was sent home with knee imobalizer n crutches. A few weeks after that the knee felt better, then 3 wks ago I had a sneeze come out of no where and it pulled on my lower back the next day I went to get up and it hurt like hell I couldn't stand or walk my hip,groin and down my leg hurt so bad like something was ripped inside my groin,hip area and my whole leg is numb to this day and also from knee down it feels like my leg is dead numb feeling, went to chiropractor started to feel better about 2week later I was helping with doing laundry as I had been put on bed rest for 2wks. I was feeling better with walking n all so went to laundry facility with my bf, I did good, but on leaving only having 2 steps to go down my leg decided I'm not doing the second step n just went out on me like I didn't have a hip leg or anything with that happening it pulled my lower back I was in horrible pain, went to chiropractor she put me back on strict bed rest I am only 46 yrs old. I just became a grandmother 7 months ago I'm not even permitted to hold my grandson :(  Tuesday I am finally seeing a primary dr. As I've been getting screwed around with finding 1...I cannot walk on my own I have to rely on a crutch and my man to walk I feel like I'm becoming crippled.It starts to feel better then it gets worse.Ive been taken to the ER twice by ambulance once admitted because I couldn't walk n the pain I was in they put me on morphine injections every 4-5 hours n I wasn't allowed out of bed not even with help I was a fall risk :(  they did MRI of my lower lumbar but not my hip! I was sent home being told nothing showed on MRI hmm funny my chiropractor got X-rays done of my back n wow I have degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, and a curved pelvis... Anyway I wound up going back to ER a 3rd time as I couldn't walk again n I couldn't stand the pain, the pain goes from groin to hip from hip down to knee and from knee down to ankle! My shin feels like I have a broken bone it hurts badly,my leg knee like its sitting in ice. & from thigh down I have NUMBNESS.I honestly feel that something is tearing in my thigh in groin area whenever I go to stand and now I can't bend down or over :'(  idk what's going on, I hope I find out soon what it is I can't stand the pain n tearing feeling.  I'm on bed rest once again. I go to chiropractor again on Monday & then Tuesday I see my primary hoping to be referred to a orthopedic..Oh also on my third visit to the ER they said I have RADICUOPATHY that's what the numb feeling is in my leg from my lower back. What does my knee have to do with my back!?!?  She said its all connected.Idk but I will update at another time once or if they find out what's going on. Sorry this was so long I just wanted to share my story. I HOPE & PRAY YOU ALL FEEL BETTER &  GET ANSWERS<3


have you tried yoga for the hips? you won't be able to do much of it at first, but slowly, if you stick with it every day, it may help.


I feel for you, since i'm also 45 (close to you) and a graphic designer/photographer who loved hiking etc. and is now barely able to walk a mile. Have you tried yoga for the hips? My Dr. recommended pilates and yoga for the hips. It was so hard at first I couldn't even get on all fours and rotate my hips around, but I'm sticking with it and it's getting easier. That and accupuncture are relieving the pain - not eliminating and still no diagnosis, but no amount of pain medicine was helping - accupuncture, yoga and pilates are helping - give it a month. GOOD LUCK!

Please don't be offended because I mean no offence but I've had similar pain and this may help (if u haven't already tried it) pelvic floor type exercises. Make a conscious effort to tilt your pelvis when walking, standing anything really and strengthen the muscles around that area.

I've had 2.5 years of this type of pain, I had physio, radio frequency therapy, injection, MRI scans, morphine and diclophenic tablets etc etc and it wasn't until I had Physio the last time and eventually got a lovely lady who told me my pelvis was tilted the wrong way and I'd been using the wrong muscles to move my body that things have started to get better. I can now manage about 30 mins of cane free movement, I use the sit down bike for a little while, I use the treadmill for a little while. To build my core muscles up I do some weight bearing leg exercises and this week I managed 5 mins on the cross trainer. I'm still a work in progress but I'm on the mend and may be able to get back to work within the next 3/6 months. I hope this helps and good luck. X 

My Physio also told me Pilates & yoga wld be good for me so I tried a lesson but must of over done it as I couldn't move for two days but after the other stuff I tried I'm certain of I could take it easier it would help. Glad you've found something to help you. Please ask about your pelvis cause it sounds to me like you have similar probs to me (maybe other stuff to though). Good luck x 

All....same thing here.  I am 41 and  have severe pain in groin and also outer hip area.  Terrible when going from sitting to standing.  I used to run, play tennis, basketball and now can't do anything.  For me however, mine is a combination of things....arthritis in hip, torn labrum, cartilidge damage, and cam lesions.  I have seen 4 doctors for my problems and am scheduled for a Birmingham hip resurfacing in May 2013.  Sounds like many of you could use a hip replacement, resurfacing, or arthroscopy as well.  My doc says I will be playing tennis in 3 months and will basically be free from all of the pain I am experiencing now, immediately after surgery.  Surgery for me will be at the Andrews Sports Medicine Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama.  I encourage you all to Google "birmingham hip resurfacing"....



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