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hi i have a question about the spine my boyfriend has been having this problem with his spine for the past week,

Posted by Warriorgirl29

Like i was saying my boyfriend has been having this problem with his spine, it started about a week ago, at first we thought that it was just knots, but they where moving all over the place. the shoulder pain went away and localized in his spine on the left side like deep down,.

And we can't figure out why it is hurting he didn't make a wrong move or anything like that at work. His job includes lifting and moving boxes but he knows how to do that with out hurting himself. so what could it be. This pain is so severe that he can't be in any position that doesn't hurt. Like standing it hurts, sitting it hurts, laying down it hurts and even driving his car hurts.

So please can you help me to figure out what the problem is,

Sincerly Jennifer

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