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Here Little Kitty-Kitty.....

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
Guess what! I got a cat this weekend! Isn't he cute? He doesn't shed or leave little poos for me to clean up and I can clip his butt into my computer. He's pretty much the most awesome cat there ever was. And, having him around doesn't make me wanna scratch my eyes out nor does he make me feel like I have a hairy potato lodged in my esophagus (yes, yes, I'm aware of the fact that potatoes aren't exactly hairy but just work with me...).

Now, before any cat lovers get their little whiskers in a knot, let me just say that I actually adore real-life kitties. I admit this wasn't always the case but, well, things change. However, because of aforementioned allergic reaction, a real cat simply isn't in my cards (which is a good thing since Mr. B is a total wimp when it comes to the wee beasties). But, the awesome thing you see pictured above, called a CueCat, is totally in my cards. DH bought it for me this week. It's basically a little scanner that one can use in conjunction with to create an online database of one's personal library (for the low, low price of $15).

Damn, I really am a nerd. But's pretty cool (no, really. seriously ). You scan in a book's ISBN number and, within seconds, the book pops up on the database.

The only qualm I have with CueCat is that he makes no sound when he scans. This, of course, means that I've had to resort to making a meowing or snarling sound (depending on my mood) whenever I scan in a book.

Anyway, I'm a firm believer in animal therapy for patients in chronic pain and CueCat is no exception.

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