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Healing – Soul ReAlignment and An Interview with Evita

Posted Jan 25 2011 12:05pm

Becoming a Soul ReAlignment Practitioner has truly changed my life.  It has opened many doors to my soul, answered countless questions, expanded my intuition and has led to me experiencing life from a place I never knew existed.  I have talked about my teacher, Andrea Hess before and want to give another HUGE thank you to her for making this form of healing accessible for many.  I have witnessed Soul ReAlignment (going into the Akashic records to access and clear blocks and restrictions) help dozens of people over the last year. It really tends to THROW people ahead on their spiritual path, as it did for me.  I am very grateful to have signed up for Level 2 where I will learn even more and be able to offer my clients additional readings and clearings.  Please take some time to watch my testimonial for Andrea’s amazing work .  I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by the amazing Evita Ochel, of Evolving Beings , where I also talk about my work with Soul ReAlignment and more. It is a joy to share my passion for healing with you.

Jenny Talks About Soul ReAlignment

Please visit Andrea’s site, Empowered Soul and her interview with me to learn more about her and the amazing Soul ReAlignment program .

I have had the pleasure of knowing Evita from Evolving Beings for the last three years online. It was an even greater pleasure to meet her in person last year in Rochester, NY which was a life changing weekend exploring the New Moon Expo .  I got to hang out with AMAZING people such as Simon Hay - Soul Healer extraordinaire :-) , Joy of Unfolding Your Path to JoyBarbara Konish , Megan Bord and Steve Appleton along with Evita and her wonderful husband. A bond was formed and I am so excited to reunite with all these amazing people in person in a few months. Simon Hay will be coming to Rochester NY on March 19th and will be in my town of Oneonta, NY on April 10th.

Evita has such a warm energy about her and is very knowledgeable about MANY topics around the MIND BODY and SPIRIT. Her site, Evolving Beings has a wealth of knowledge. She also has two other sites within her site; Evolving Wellness based around nutrition and all things good for the body and Evolving Scenes – beautiful photos you can fall into.  She is genuine and beautiful inside and out and I feel honored to call her a friend.  Evita has many thought provoking contributors to her blog; Simon Hay , Cyndi Dale and Zeenat Merchant Syal of “ Positive Provocations ” JUST to name a FEW of the AMAZING people. It is so easy to speak with Evita and I was very happy to share about my love of healing and all I do. Please go visit Evolving Beings and watch my interview, “ Evita Ochel Interviews Jenny Mannion, Energy Healing Faclitator “. Thanks so much Evita for the interview!

I have not been writing as much as I have been in full enjoyment mode of my work with clients.  I have also been learning more so I can offer more services and have been loving working on various projects.  I have lots of exciting things coming up including a course with Cyndi Dale that we are co-creating, bringing Simon Hay to Oneonta, NY on April 10, 2011 and in 2 weeks (February 5th, 2011) bringing Reconnective Yoga to Oneonta, NY! I have also been loving my new office in town and sharing it with my good friend, brilliant colleague and Qi Gong teacher; Justin Deichman .  Justin and I have even started facilitating new kinds of healing sessions; Polarity Alignment and Couples Distance Healing . It is a truly exciting time and I am blessed to have so much inspiration in my life. Thank you to my faithful readers and to everyone in my life.  I am very honored to do the work I do and to have all of your support.  I honestly don’t ever remember feeling more alive and filled with love and the people I surround myself with online and off are a HUGE part of that. Please leave comments and let me know how YOU have been. :-) Thank you for checking out my videos.

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