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Hard painful lump under ears on neck

Posted by kibopants21

For over a year now I've noticed these hard knots on my neck directly under my ears. They are hard and feel like bruises when you push in on them. I went to the doctor with other symptoms including tenderness on my ribs and chest and was told i had chondromalacia and that the hard knots were just glands that were swollen from the infection. Over a year later they haven't gone away. Does this mean anything?

I'm low on energy and continue to have soreness in my ribs, chest and back. I feel like I've just worked out for the day without actually moving. Ive also started to develop pains in my wrists, fingers and weird experiences of stabbing pains in my hands. Upon looking at them, they were "purpely" and seemed as though my vein was sticking out in my palm and under the knuckle in my pointer finger on two separate occasions. Any ideas what this could be? 

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