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Happy 3rd Anniversary Heal Pain Naturally

Posted Aug 27 2010 12:00am

So is forgetting your blog’s anniversary (August 1) the same as forgetting your wedding anniversary? ;-) Is “forget” the correct word? I have been so caught up with life and living it this summer that it just did not fully make it to my consciousness – ok, so yeah I did forget! ;-) . In reflecting on the last three years writing for this blog I realize how many ways writing has been healing on so any levels. I had just physically healed and written my ebook on how I did so when I began this blog.  But as we all know healing is about more than the physical.  Writing Heal Pain Naturally for the last three years has enabled me to heal in many different areas and I wanted to share with you those top ten ways. I also will include valuable resources in these ten ways that I am passionate about. I also want to thank you so much for your support, comments and friendships. All of which are so deeply appreciated.

I began Heal Pain Naturally after healing myself and honestly knew nothing else about healing other than there was so much more to learn.  I knew that if I could heal myself many others could as well. I was aware the mind offered unlimited possibilities and I wanted to learn all I could.  I wanted to share any information I gathered. I have always loved writing and to be writing about things I feel so deeply about is a HUGE gift to me. Writing can be healing in many ways and it always helps me to process the information.  I have written many times about issues I recently experienced and learned from. Sharing it with my readers takes it a step further in the healing process.  Thank you for listening. :-)

It is my job to learn and BOY DO I LOVE LEARNING.  If I simply posted clips or articles previously published I feel I would not be doing as great a service as LEARNING myself about different topics under the healing category.  I research constantly, read, take courses and expand my knowledge.  I love bringing my readers the best of what I find helpful. I know we do not all resonate with the same messages told the same way.  It is my hope to provide a comprehensive place for people to find knowledge on many different categories under that “healing category”. Education in areas you are passionate about is part of the PAGING ME system I use to coach from .  Educating yourself in areas you are passionate about is healing to your soul and an affirmation you are paying attention to what moves you.

I gather cutting edge information on the science behind energy and information medicine as well as motivation, inspiration and tools for my readers to KNOW they can change and heal from the inside out. I provide my clients with resources such as “ The Silva System ” that has helped so many to not only heal physically but emotionally change their lives for good.  My favorite articles on this chronicle my friend Cath Larson’s experience .  The Silva System is just one of the many tools I have found to help me gain deeper meditations, get in touch with myself and heal different areas of my life.

I have also gathered many teachers by researching who continue to heal me on many levels; Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, Carolyn Myss, Dr. Eric Pearl and so many others.  It was learning about just how many amazing teachers there ARE out there I came up with the idea for Heroes of Healing .  This project was so dear to my heart and included over 30 wonderful writers talking about over 50 teachers in their own lives who were “heroes of healing” to them. This project connected me to so many wonderful people in the blogging community. It is a resource I would love to keep adding to and anyone that would like to add someone not mentioned – please send me an email! :-)

Akemi Gaines of Real Life Spirituality was also trained by Andrea Hess in the Soul ReAlignment program to read and clear Akashic Records.  I had my reading done over 2 years ago by Akemi and that is what truly jump started my spiritual healing and development. The clearing itself removed tons of restrictions I was facing in my life and connected me deeply to my soul.  It was a week after the clearing that I found Reconnective Healing.

It was when I was researching for my three part series “ Life After Death, Past Lives and Life Between Lives – and how all of this can Heal? ” that I re-visited Andrea Hess’s course page for Soul ReAlignment.  Reconnective Healing had opened up some of my psychic abilities which was welcome but also brought MANY questions.  I was looking for a way to understand more. When I read Andrea’s course description for Soul ReAlignment I was not surprised to find it detailed what I had listed I wanted to learn.  I am trying to become used to these synchronistic events! ;-) Becoming a practitioner and doing Soul ReAlignment work has opened me up to witness healings on the soul level and beyond I would have never imagined possible.  It has empowered me as I feel a much deeper connection to my soul than I had ever experienced.  It is beautiful work and I am so grateful for Akemi’s reading and Andrea for coming up with such a brilliant healing modality. It works as all of my clients have witnessed and I witness each time I am delivering a reading and hear my client’s confirmations. Andrea Hess continues to be an amazing teacher and inspiration in my life. Thanks Andrea! :-)

A week after my Soul ReAlignment I found “ Reconnective Healing “.  I did not intend to ever be a healing practitioner. I was simply learning to educate myself and my readers.  From the minute I laid my hands on the book, “ The Reconnection ” I knew I was hooked and it would be a huge part of my life.  Reading the book caused me to feel energy as I never had before.  It also caused many electrical disturbances in my meditation room and opened me up to KNOW there was more than I was experiencing in this Third Dimension.  I had two reconnective healing sessions, received “The Reconnection” and went to NYC to become a licensed practitioner.  Another new beginning.

I wrote about my first and second experiences attending Reconnective Healing Level I/II and they were both life changing.  Stepping further into the work and taking Level III to be able to facilitate “The Reconnection” just took me further into that space of heart coherence and flow.  How has reconnective healing healed me?  It has made my energy MUCH steadier. I am not as easy to get riled up and when I do I KNOW it is short lived.  It has shown me there IS much more than we see with our programmed eyes and allowed me to SEE things I never knew were real.  It has gotten me much more in touch with my intuition which I use daily to guide me in my personal and business life.  It has connected me to people on deeper levels and my relationships flow better because of it.  It has allowed me to witness miracles utilizing distance healing across the world and right in front of me when I facilitate in person sessions .  I know there are MANY other ways Reconnective Healing has healed me and I am so grateful for Dr. Eric Pearl and his amazing team of teachers for spreading this important work.

When I began writing and exploring other blogs of similar content I really did not know what to expect.  I quickly realized writing about similar topics with authors I shared passions with was a quick way to bond with people all over the world.  Commenting and emailing with other like minded people from all over the world was and continues to be a HUGE gift in my life.  I have many of my favorite writers below in my blogroll and there are many others than I have not even gotten to give credit to yet. My newest favorite is Simon Hay , a gifted healer and beautiful person. I highly recommend reading his work on his blog and also when he guest blogs on one of my favorite sites “ Evolving Beings ” run by the beautiful Evita.

I feel so connected to people I have been in contact with.  We talk about matters so close to my heart such as healing, personal development and spirituality. I feel I am always learning from them and value their input so much. When I get to meet some of the people I have been in contact with online in person it really is sheer joy.  This summer I had the pleasure of Lance from “ Jungle of Life ” visiting me with his family at my home. Lance has been a dear friend online and to be able to give him a hug, watch our children play together and talk to him and his lovely wife was truly beautiful.  This is a picture from his visit.

It is my hope to meet MANY of the people I have met online who have become good friends.  I know whenever we travel I will always have people I want to look up and connect with.  AND there are many I hope visit me you know who you are!!! :-) This is healing in so many ways… it has me connecting with like minded people all over the world and it makes me feel like maybe the world isn’t so big after all.  We ARE all connected and that is beautiful and healing to FEEL.

Connecting with people online who were passionate about these topics made me very curious about the spiritual/alternative healing people in my own community.  In May 2009 I made my first effort to step into this community by teaching a course at our local Spiritual Arts Fair. Since I have met friends I truly consider my “soul family”. We have monthly meetings and our group is called the Body Mind Spirit Collective.  Each month we get together and feature a modality and have a group meditation, then we network and socialize. There are usually upwards of 30 people at each meeting.  I have met such beautiful people and these friends are people I know I can count on for anything and love tremendously.  Their love and friendship has healed me in so many ways I can’t even begin to quantify it.  Being a part of such a loving community and having my children also witness it is priceless to me.  I don’t know if I ever would have reached out if I had not begun writing Heal Pain Naturally and gotten so immersed in learning about the mind/body connection. If you’re you’ve seen lots of pictures of my crew. We have lots of fun and help each other consistently.  I feel very blessed to have such good friends so close to me. I feel honored to live in a community where so many people are trying to create a better world and serve the Universe and heal others. There was a recent article about research proving how important new friendships and socializing is for our health – I believe it and witness it daily.  My friends heal me – no doubt. You know who you are my beautiful soul family – THANK YOU!!!

It was through meeting Swamiji ( Who I wrote about here ) in my community that I learned I had to get back to my “joy” which had always been dance.  Becoming part of a belly dance troupe has brought me such joy and fulfillment. If I had not reached out and met him I might not be dancing.  Dance was something I was told to “discontinue” when I was ill and that it would “make me worse”.  To be dancing again on a regular basis brings me joy beyond all measure which heals me.  Meeting Swamiji was the reason I was able to reclaim that joy. Thank you Swamiji!  Another wonderful member of my community! Here is a clip of me dancing.. oh boy…gulp… I’m in the back in purple. You can visit the troupe’s you tube page to see more videos . :-)

When I began learning about healing and especially when I began learning about the SCIENCE behind Energy and Information medicine I got REAL excited.  A fire was lit in me and I KNEW I had to share this valuable info.  I have seen many people get addicted to pain pills and traditional medicine that is not serving them. I am not AGAINST traditional medicine but feel it is limited and is more about symptom control in long terms illnesses than true healing. I KNEW healing was occurring daily because I was witnessing it and I HAD to share it on as broad a scope as I could.  This knowledge motivated me to run a hosting of a screening of the movie “ The Living Matrix ” and gather a discussion panel for a Q&A panel afterward for 400 people in my community.  It has led me to communicate with people I never would have imagined talking with such as the AMAZING Cyndi Dale and Dr. Deepak Chopra. It has led to me hosting a Q&A with author James Twyman for 25 people from my home via Skype about his AMAZING book “ The Barn Dance “. It has me constantly challenging myself and as my dear friend Suzie Cheel from Abundance Highway introduced me to – set some “Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG).” Thank you Suzie for your inspiration. It is healing to complete tasks that seem HUGE in the beginning. It is healing to accomplish anything much less pull together something that takes planning and coordinating.  4 years ago I was told I would be in a wheelchair and on pain pills – this was a life I never imagined possible.  Writing for my blog made it so.

Writing, researching and learning about how to be in your full power and live to your full potential would seem pretty pointless if I was NOT applying it to my own life.  I am consistently reassessing where I am and where I want to be. I am constantly challenging myself to be more. Through writing and learning from other bloggers and teachers I have gained many tools and gained much insight as to how to live my life to its fullest potential and in joy.  Please visit my blogroll for some inspirational people.  Visit Heroes of healing to find new teachers that resonate with you.  I am so very grateful for each and every person I have met on this amazing journey for it all brought me right where I am today.  I am feeling healed in so many areas of my life and so excited for every day.

One of my posts the very first year was about how I had so much trouble asking for help .  Well, you cannot write a blog/website and not ask for help.  You cannot run big projects and not ask for help.  You cannot run groups and not ask for help.  It was all challenging for me but because of the kindness and authenticity shown to me by fellow bloggers, people in my community and family I am so MUCH better at this. It is healing to ask for help and this is an issue that comes up a LOT when I am coaching.

We all like to feel we can “do things ourselves”.  But let me ask you this – doesn’t it feel SOOO GOOD when you help someone else?  If we don’t ask the people around us for help we are denying them that good feeling.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to struggle or to feel “they are doing it all”.  It is humbling to ask for help and admit you need it but BOY IS IT GOOD TO RECEIVE. I have asked for help from many bloggers – “please read my post and pass it on if you like it…” and they have answered with abundance.  I have asked people in my community for help with projects and they have always over delivered what I imagined. I asked my friends for help when my husband had to work away from home for a month and was shown love and help beyond measure. It is healing to receive and to learn how to do so and ask for help when you need it.

Writing Heal Pain Naturally for three years has enabled me to live in gratitude and count my blessings all the time.  Gratitude for my health and my ability to write and live pain free.  Gratitude for my evolution.  Gratitude for the people who I have met along the way. Gratitude for the emails I get thanking me and telling me I have helped.  Gratitude for the above 9 ways writing has helped me to grow and live in love. Gratitude is another part of my Paging Me System and I feel is the most powerful tool of all for healing.  When you FEEL gratitude from the inside – your heart you can feel a shift in your soul and the world around you.  You KNOW that all is ok and that you have many treasures even if life “seems hard sometimes”.  I want to thank all the people in my life that enable me to continue writing and learning; my family – husband, Ray and my wonderful children, my parents and step-parents, my friends online, my friends all over the world, my friends here in my community, my teachers, my extended family, my readers and clients.  I feel such deep love and gratitude in my life – deeper than I ever have before and I know it is because every single one of you helped me to be where I am in this moment.  Thank you.

I would love to say thank you to everyone who has read, emailed, commented and visited my blog; Heal Pain Naturally over the last 3 years.  I have met so many wonderful people worldwide that have become true friends and have offered such inspiration, support and love.  I have not been writing this summer due to my kids being home from school and me concentrating on them, other projects and things locally.  As you can see writing has helped my life evolve in many ways and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.  I will be returning full force come September and have lots of exciting news and resources to share. Thanks again for the last three years! Much Love! 

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