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Haddon first quarter after god into three destruction only delighted! Continuous 21 games and +

Posted Jan 17 2013 8:34am
The rockets home to a 109-117 loss to the clippers, haddon the game for the general, twenty eight contribution in 23 points, also appeared as many as five turnovers. The only what is worth mentioning, haddon lasted for their continuous and + performance, and the session to ascend to the 21 games. Paul injured today high Emmanuel eboue broke, 2 a sandwich is green, which means haddon in the game with his opponent will have a lot of advantages. He was a flank a 3-pointer, and then he step Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes after to get past his surprise layup inroads. The first section with 6 points and 15 seconds haddon and joint book hao assists complete layup, less than 6 minutes individuals have 7 respectively. Of course haddon performance far from over, in assists patterson (micro bo) storm ran haddon again in flank hit long shots, at this time his personal score has quietly risen to two digits. In Moscow after sent out assists again raid haddon achievements, the first quarter of 47.4 seconds before the end of two free throws, haddon single section personal had 14 points, it is like a man of average! The damage of the strong, this shows one spot. But the problem is haddon in fierce the first day, after the game suddenly into the sag, the second day he only through the three free throws to score, even time section of the attack desire is also very general, only in a perimeter shots. On the third day, haddon personal attack suddenly stalled, and his flank at three points, surprise inside layup basket didn't even touch, but made o follow tip-in inroads, after his Cheap KD 5 forward type jumper and wide of the accused. When core scorer not to force, the rockets moment was the clippers play flower, the gap has been opened to eighteen points. Be worth what carry is, the offensive end no outside, haddon defense also don't give force, let contrapuntal green repeatedly score, this makes his mood badly affected. See haddon on the pitch doing nothing, and coach McHale simply will he directly substituted, until the minor details with nine points, seconds to play beard will replace. Just haddon play only 8 seconds and a turnovers, three points after the break after dry pick when prevention and fouls. Short 22 seconds haddon and errors by Barnes steals... Let a person see repeatedly shook his head. Perhaps haddon the game only harvest is, he is in before the end of the game 7 points 30 seconds before the end of the game when he seven points and raid layup successful, the ball will haddon personal ascension to score 21 points. This is his continuous 21 games get twenty + data, distance hakeem team history record has been more and more Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 close. But the situation is completely collapse, therefore haddon after also can use a record to dunk to release your anger, and helpless to swallow the bitter legacy of the fourth. In addition to the offensive end, CiShiPing in the defensive end is also very hard, even in a round flying save, directly off the out of bounds. In addition, CiShiPing also sent out two shots, and even anger cover bucks inside damm potter. Besides competition situation, the lakers once set up a lot of advantage, but soon the bucks ran after me, will close, until the second half, Los Angeles talent again slowly will point spread open. CiShiPing on the offensive end still have a good play, including a great rush. The third quarter to nine points in 49 seconds, the bucks missed shots, the lakers down fast break, clark CiShiPing the ball to the basket, CiShiPing qiao play, the ball will be hit. With kobe Bryant returned again and again, the lakers will be gradually in the fourth quarter points gap to twenty minutes or, the game also gradually lost the suspense, the lakers win over the mavericks, again beat the bucks. In 16 feet - 23 feet distance within the scope of the griffin shots ratio increased, last Nike KD 5 DMV season that number was 37%, this season is 38.4%. But griffin is also a very size up the situation of the player, jumper ascension may not every game so play, specific also according to the opponent's situation to judge. Such as today against the rockets, griffin is more to show his inside aggressive. Although there is no Paul on the court for him to do all kinds of air relay coordination, but once get fast break opportunity, griffin always can't miss manifestations of their time, such as the first half a record is threatening the left side of the dunk was fully let the audience feel Houston ahead of the all-star dunk contest.
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