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From Wheelchair to Walking

Posted Jan 28 2009 12:00am

Thanks to the Egoscue Method I can walk again.  I was having a very painful time (for two years) with my feet and often had to use a wheelchair.  I had been to two podiatrists, bought a very expensive custom-made orthotic for my shoes, but experienced very little relief.  I also went to a well known orthopedic.  After x-rays he honestly said “I don’t see anything that surgery would help”.  He was clueless.  I felt depressed and afraid.  Would I end up in a wheelchair?  I could barely walk around the house, go to the grocery store, much less do the shopping mall, museums, concerts and other things I enjoyed.

A close friend also had problems with her feet and she heard of the Egoscue Method and flew to San Diego.  She had great improvement after several sessions and called to tell me to make an appointment as the clinic would be coming to Austin.  It sounded expensive and “too good to be true” to me, but I was desperate.  At this point I called to make an appointment.  It was the beginning of getting my normal life back.

I signed up for the eight sessions and found my posture was all out of alignment and as I walked all my body weight was put on the large bone behind my big toe – for seventy years!

I did the exercises religiously.  Now I can walk without pain!  I wear attractive but sensible shoes, I do not walk fast or great distances but I do all I want to do and I have a full and active life.  I never dreamed it could happen.  Thank you Pete and Rick!

Hatsie M.

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