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FREE REPORT on a little-known cause of chronic pain

Posted Aug 16 2010 9:12am

Rothbarts Foot is a little-known but common cause of chronic muscle and joint pain. Professor/ Dr. Rothbart, who discovered this foot abnormality and developed the therapy to treat it,   has a FREE REPORT explaining what Rothbarts Foot is and how to identify it. Get it at:

For years, I went from doctor to doctor, trying to find the source of my chronic pain. Every doctor seemed to have a new diagnosis. I was told I had everything from fibromyalgia to arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome. I tried every drug, every therapy that was suggested to me, but nothing helped for long, because everything I was offered was only meant to manage my chronic pain, not cure it.

Then I found Dr. Rothbart, who correctly identified the real source of my pain as an abnormal foot structure. Dr. Rothbart was the first medical researcher to identify two abnormal foot structures which are a frequent cause of chronic muscle and joint pain, one of which is the Rothbarts Foot.

Few doctors know about these abnormal foot structures. Certainly none of the many

specialists I saw were able to identify an abnormal foot structure as the real source of my crippling knee, hip and back pain.

But Dr. Rothbart did recognize my symptoms. I was lucky enough to be accepted for long distance therapy, and under Dr. Rothbart’s care, I returned to a normal life: working full time and being active with family and friends.

If you have been to doctor after doctor, tried everything and still not found an actual cure for your chronic pain, it may be because the source of your pain has not been correctly identified.   I urge you to read this free report and consider whether Rothbarts Foot, an inherited condition, is causing your pain.

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