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Fourth time is a charm, yes?

Posted Aug 12 2010 10:28pm
T minus 9 hours until I get a better version of my current knee. And while I am not excited about going through yet another surgery, my fourth in less than 6 years (heart, lung, face/skin cancer and now knee/arthro), I am excited to walk and run without pain, to surf and go to ballet without wincing, and to sit without aching in my right knee.

I am not sure, however, how the mental recovery will be. As ridiculous as this sounds, when they took part of my lungs away, I didn’t feel like the same person when I came to. I lost a part of me. And while the world’s coolest and kindest doctors wanted to ask me about my health and recovery, no one really wanted to hear how I was doing beyond any measurable symptoms.

Just a thought, but I keep wondering if the idea of mental preparation might someday be a part of the pre-opp routine. “Here’s what time your surgery is scheduled, and by the way, how are you feeling about the fact that you won’t be able to surf, let alone walk normally for almost 3 months?”

I’m being dramatic, I know, but I can remember all too well what it was like to have a new version of my heart and how odd that felt. Anyway, here goes nothing, again. I’ll catch you all on the other side.
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