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Fosamax: studies link to hip fractures

Posted Aug 16 2010 9:30am

This comes from Rick Mathes , the clinic owner and director of Egoscue Austin , who is always on top of the most important health news and this is a big one! Share this with everyone you know who has osteoporosis or osteopenia – their health depends on it. Thanks Rick for sharing.

Fosamax is a drug designed to combat osteoporosis. I’ve long maintained that – in my opinion – this drug is dangerous and insane. Here’s how it works:

you have two basic types of cells primarily responsible for bone health (this is an oversimplification, but you’ll get the idea). Osteoblasts lay down new bone. Osteoclasts clean up old bone. You have to understand that bone is not inert, it’s living, growing, dynamic material. In a healthy person, old bone is being scavenged and cleaned up while new bone is laid down.

What does Fosamax do? It kills osteoclasts. Think about that for a minute.

In the medical community’s warped way of thinking, if you want to increase bone mass, just kill the cells that are responsible for cleaning up old bone. Then you’ll accumulate more of it and you’ll have more bone!

Well, they’re right, you WILL have more bone. You will have more bone, but it will be dysfunctional, ‘dead’ bone that cannot properly regenerate. This is just one more classic case of the pharmaceutical industry – and with the full blessing and both medical and financial support of the medical community – treating symptom and ignoring root cause.

Folks, you simply cannot create enhanced health and well being by KILLING a part of your body that is working properly. You just can’t. Now, do not take this post as medical advice. I’m not telling anyone to stop taking this drug. I AM saying that I think this drug should never have been approved, and I expect that 20 years from now it will have been taken off the market once we see the negative long term results that arise from its use.

I said years ago that long term use of this drug will lead people to accumulate brittle bone and we will begin to see an increase in spontaneous bone fractures. Well, it’s starting. The numbers are still low, but the reports are now coming in. I believe that several years down the road, these numbers will have increased exponentially and a whole lot of people who thought they were helping their bones by taking this poison will soon discover they actually damaged (perhaps irreparably) their skeletons.

If you have osteoporosis, there are MANY things you can do to make it better. I’ve written about this before, but to summarize a few of the key points……

Start monitoring your pH balance and if you’re acidic (which virtually every person with osteoporosis is), remedy that immediately.

Get your posture back into balance. Your bones can’t load properly if they are out of position.

Get out and MOVE! Perform weight bearing exercise that makes your bones work.

Just do these three things and you’ll see profound shifts in your bone density.

Here’s an article talking about the phenomenon I discuss above. Scary stuff.

“When they are on it for five, six, seven or eight years, they lost their ability to remodel and regenerate their skeleton,” said orthopedic trauma surgeon Joseph Lane of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. “[Some women] are very vulnerable and they will then develop problems of brittle bone.”

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