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Fibromyalgia| Hypothyroidism

Posted Oct 25 2008 8:56pm

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The symptom complex of fibromyalgia can be seen with hypo thyroid ism. Hypo thyroid ism can be categorized, like diabetes, into type I (hormone deficient) and type II (hormone resistant).  

Most cases of fibromyalgia fall into type II (hormone resistant) category. The syndrome is reversible with treatment, and is usually of late onset. It is likely more often acquired than due to mutated receptors. 

Preliminary evidence suggests that serum hyaluronic acid is a simple, inexpensive, sensitive, and specific test that identifies fibromyalgia. Overlapping symptom complexes suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf war syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, breast implant silicone sensitivity syndrome, bipolar affective disorder, systemic candidiasis, myofascialpain syndrome, and idiopathic environmental intolerance are similar enough to fibromyalgia to merit investigation for possible thyroid resistance.  

Acquired thyroid hormone resistance may be due most often to a recently recognized chronic consumptive coagulopathy, most often associated with chronic infections with mycoplasmids and related microbes or parasites.  

The thyroid -resistant disorders might be treatable with supraphysiologic doses of thyroid hormone, anti-hypercoagulant, anti-infective, insulin-sensitizing, and hyaluronolytic strategies. (Garrison RL. Breeding PC. A metabolic basis for fibromyalgia and its related disorders: the possible role of resistance tothyroidhormone.Medical Hypotheses. 61(2):182-9, 2003 Aug.)

fibromyalgia hypothyroidsm

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