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Posted by Jane B.

This is the second time I've had this pain in two months.  It starts with a slight pain on my right side just under my rib........then moves to centre between ribs.  My second bought this past weekend was very frighteneing as i could hardly breathe.  The pain is so intense I could liken it to labour pains.  There is no let up.  I vomited (on both occassions) which gave me intermittent pain relief.  The pain was instanly back but not as severe.  I can't sit, liedown,  I must walk at a rapid pace to help control pain,  bending over on occassion helped I would say the pain lasted for one to two hours.  I did have some sweating happen.  The pain didn't move accross my body it was consistant in one area.  Nothing on my back.  I did belch a bit but I'm able to do that easily on most occassions.  I cannot think of anything that could have caused it.  Two nights before I had french fries - a rarity.  The night of this second attack I didn't really eat a meal in the PM.........I snacked ...on what I don't really rememeber.


I thought maybe it was wind........then someone mentioned maybe a gall bladder issue.......then when I read something it could be appendicitis........any thoughts?  I am going to my Dr. this Friday to get checked out.

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Jane you're possibly looking at kidney stones .Drink a solution of 100ml olive oil together with100ml fresh lemon juice 2 to3 times a day and lots of water until you pass the stones.Leo X
Have you considered acute intermittent porphyria?  You might want to read about it and see if the symptoms fit.  It is rare but causes the symptoms you described, especially around the time of your menstrual period.
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