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Excruciating pain in joints

Posted by babsprater

My daughter was hospitalized the first time for pneumonia, 2 months ago, on life support even, when released a week laster she developed blood clots and again was in icu for another week, put on cumadin, week later started gushing blood through bowels and rushed to hospital again, had to have 9 units of blood, and a filter to catch blood clots inserted, as they said she could no longer take the blood thinner as it had gotten too thin and a blood vessel ruptured in her stomach where they found an ulcer, and both were in the area where she had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago.  Finally released from hospital and the next day there was an area on the back of her leg that was raised and red and hot, but no sign of a bite or anything, just 2 blisters, went back to ER and she was told that it was an infection, maybe staph and they gave her pain medication and antiobiotic.  Later that night her feet and legs started swelling and her fingers and she began hurting terribly and crying due to the pain and couldn't walk or lift her legs or arms.  Back to ER and hospitalized again and doctors don't have any idea what the problem is. After 4 days let her go home as they could not get any more blood from her as they could not find a vein and surgeon who was called in said he was afraid to do the surgery to get vein (afraid of blood clots again as they had found more clots in her arms and neck (cronic).  They had sent off her blood somewhere and said it may take 2 weeks or longer to get results and they had checked for anything they could here and can't find the problem.  She is miserable and lays and cries.  Does anyone know what this could be?

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