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Every emotion carries a message: decoding the signals

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am

What are emotions?

Emotion can be written as: E-motion which stands for: Energy in Motion.

Where do emotions come from?

All emotions come from us. We put the energy into motion – whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. It is all based on the rules we have and the meaning we attach to an experience based on these rules. With every experience, our emotions represent (Re-Present) our rules and beliefs. So whenever we feel an emotion it is really not based on the present (here and now) but rather a representation of the past (based on the rules we have set up).

Emotions should empower us and “negative” emotions are there to signal us that a change is needed. What I used to call negative emotions I now call action signals and I believe they are messages telling us to either:

  • Change our perception
  • Change our procedure

When we feel a negative emotion, we usually react in one of three ways:

I hope you use the third way, because it is the only one that empowers us to grow and expand as people.

(This concept is adapted from the work of Anthony Robbins.)

Tomorrow I will talk about the six steps to follow when we feel an emotion and the 10 negative emotions (action signals) and how to decode them. Also see “Why we do what we do.”

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