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elbow pain

Posted by taylor344

Hi all my name is dan and I am a powerlifter. i have been training with a good freind of mine for about 3 years now. He is very experinced lifter and has been lifting for about 20 years. As of late i have had reacurring elbow pain I have done lots of research and have found now annsere to my pain. M y pain is not tennis elbow because it hurts at the out most tip of my elbow almost like if i had fallen on the ice and hit my elbow. The pain is in bolth elbows equally. It is stressed when I lift and And I can feel the pain with slight pressure to the soft fleshy part at the peak of the elbow. My elbows do pop kind of like a knuckle but it is the tissue at the peak of the elbow like it is the end of  a tendon. what is this and how can i fix it?
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