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Effective Spinal Decompression to Resolve Lower Back, Neck or Arm Pain

Posted Mar 01 2013 9:43am
HealthQuest’s spinal decompression can effectively treat stubborn back pain without cumbersome surgical procedures.       

The spine is an engineering marvel, one that keeps people going through the stress and strain of life. But accidents, general weakness or an underlying condition can make it weak and sore, resulting in painful conditions that restrict mobility and function. That’s where HealthQuest’s advanced physical rehabilitation program with spinal decompression therapy can apply.   

Spinal decompression is a revolutionary FDA-approved treatment that has proven to be beneficial in treating painful conditions of the spine. This therapy is a proven alternative to surgery and has brought hope to patients suffering from disorders such as sciatica, disc hernia, disc protrusion, foraminal stenosis, numbness, radiculopathy and spondylosis.

At HealthQuest, spinal decompression therapy is administered by trained and qualified medical experts. The program is designed to help patients resolve painful musculoskeletal conditions and help the patient achieve long-term functional freedom.

The treatment, lasting around 20 or 25 minutes, involves the use of a spinal decompression machine. The system works to create traction through various phases of relaxation and distraction. The procedure creates a vacuum within the spine through the application of negative pressure. The vacuum pulls back protruded or herniated disc material into the disc, stimulating blood supply and healing. Repeat sessions may have to be repeated for the best results.

HealthQuest’s spinal decompression therapy has helped patients who have had no relief for lower back or neck pain from various kinds of medication or surgery. Treatment benefits include improved motion and flexibility, better sleep. and quicker return to pre-injury lifestyle.

This center also specializes in neurology, orthopedics, chiropractic care, physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management. The advantage of this is that various kinds of passive therapies and exercise programs are incorporated into the spinal decompression program to enhance patient outcome.

The spinal decompression services provided at HealthQuest are highly personalized. Each patient first undergoes a thorough medical evaluation to determine candidature for the treatment. Suitable candidates are then provided with a customized spinal decompression treatment plan.

About HealthQuest

HealthQuest’s advanced pain management and rehabilitation clinic in Brooklyn, New York City caters to many painful conditions through innovative treatment options provided by experienced healthcare professionals and board-certified physicians.

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