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Eat Stop Eat Diet- A Healthy Way to Loose Weight

Posted Mar 11 2010 2:04am
Being overweight or obese not only makes you look unattractive, it makes you prone to lots of diseases small or big. The normal functioning of your life gets disrupted. The good news is that people have realized the importance of staying within the ideal weight. But the bad news is that this has leaded them to try out all sorts of fad diets and extreme Eat Stop Eat Diet programs. Most of these programs promise you a weight loss without even having to exercise and that’s where they dupe you. Any weight loss that is achieved through extreme diet and no exercise are not meant to stay for life long; you are bound to get all the weight back and in no time.

The Eat Sop Diets that work tries to change this with its two fold plan. This diet program relies on the principles of intermittent fasting and weight training. Weight training in moderation would be a more appropriate term. The intermittent fasting is meant to create a average calorie deficit over a week so that you loose weight. You don’t fast for more than 24 hours a week and when you are not fasting you are allowed to eat your normal foods. The weight training is required because you need to build up lean muscle tissue to loose fat and fat loss is what is important. You could loose weight and not fat with all those fad diets that you have heard about. Since the Eat Stop Eat Diet doesn’t require you to fast for a prolonged period and encourages moderate weight training you don’t loose the muscle mass unlike other extreme diets.

Eat Stop Eat Diet is easy to follow and doesn’t pose your body under any risk. It’s not an extreme diet and it’s easy to maintain. That means you loose weight and don’t gain it back.
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