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ear pain that wakes me up

Posted by kayslayx524

For the past 8-10 months i have been waking up regularly sometimes more than one time a night with piercing internal earpain.. it is on the side that i am sleeping on and it started out of no where i have no idea what it is it happened for the first time about 10 months ago and happens at least 2-3 nights a week since it feels internal and it is very sharp it doesnt last long once i wake up and change the way i am laying... does anyone have any idea what this could be?!!? thank youu!
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Without more specific details to go by,  it could be a host of things. Have you seen your doctor yet?

It could be fluid build up, an inner ear infection....the list could go on. I am guessing since you've let it go this long it's not bothering to much.

Do you hear fluid sloshing around? Do you feel pressure?  Are your ears ringing?

I would say see your doctor if gets to bothering you too much. If you would like to give me some additional information, I'll do some more research for you.


Health Maven

I get this as well. It started a few years it happens most nights. I'll wake up a couple of times each night with it. It's always on the ear that I'm lying on ... then I'll turn over...the pain will go in about 10 mins or so..but sometimes it is excruciating. Then I'll wake up later with the pain in the other ear that I've been lying on.

Sometimes if I get a new pillow it wont happen...until the pillow becomes more firmer then it will start again. I always thought that it was just coz I was 'lying on my ear' as lame as that sounds. I get it worse if I'm on a 'harder pillow'.... maybe it's time I saw a doc about it....I've been searching tonight to try to find out about it on the no avail (yet)

My ears are otherwise problems during the day.

Hi Ruthie, 


I have the same problem and it only started recently.  Its nearly like a numbness on the outside of the year and I have to turn quite a bit every night otherwise I know it will be painful.  I would love to know what this is sign of?  Any help out there???

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