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Don’t Let Your Fear Carry You, Let Your Faith Carry You

Posted Jan 11 2013 10:00am
PinExt Dont Let Your Fear Carry You, Let Your Faith Carry You

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

I must admit that sometimes it is my fear, rather than my faith that carries me. In my mind I know that the Lord is going to work things out, my reason comprehends that the Lord is with me and helping me. Yet doubt, dread, and fearful emotions try to sweep away that reason, try to remove that comprehension, and replace it with fearful feelings and imaginations.

I suspect that our emotions, often because of our afflictions, keep us in a state of susceptibility to fear. Our imaginations can get carried away by fearful thoughts and doubtful outcomes. We picture the worst in our minds rather than the best, and this creates a cycle of fear that weakens our already precarious state of health.

Faith is believing without seeing, trusting the evidence in our hearts when our minds and emotions are conjuring dreadful outcomes. Believing while not feeling that things are going to be all right, trusting that God will make a way for us when we can see no way forward–this is what faith is all about. It often comes down to this: Are you going to believe what you are feeling, what your mind is imagining, what your circumstances are saying? Or are you going to trust your Lord and Master for a positive outcome?

It is not easy believing while not feeling, or worse, believing while all our feelings are directly in opposition to what the Lord is telling us. He tells everything will work out, that it will be all right in the end, but our feelings whisper to us of dread, defeat, doom, and fear. I sometimes think the hardest part of our afflictions is the battle of the heart and mind in the midst of our illnesses.

Each day we have a choice to make. Though we may have control over so little in our lives, especially when it comes to our illnesses, there is one thing we always have control over, despite our fears, and our terrible imaginations, our doubts and weakness, that one thing is that we can believe and trust in God. We can trust Him even when all evidence points to the contrary, indeed, that is often what we must do.

Faith is not easy, especially for those of us who are ill, and I think this is why faith is so important to God and why He prizes it so much. Believing is a difficult thing, trusting God is sometimes a challenge. Yet if we consider our experiences, the many times God has helped us in the past, and the promises in His word, and knowing the goodness and greatness of God, we can believe, we can have faith in Him no matter what we are feeling. Our faith, rather than our fear, can carry us onward.

Prayer: Dear Lord, sometimes it is hard to believe without seeing, to trust You when our fears are causing us doubt and dread. Yett when we put our confidence in You despite our weakness, You bless us for our faith. Help us to never forget that. Amen.

About the Author Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has often found it a challenge to believe beyond his fear.

Does fear sometimes make it hard for you to believe, to trust God? Have you tried believing God despite your fear?

Need a reminder about what scripture says about fear? This short video, made by a church media team, is a nice affirmation of what God tells us about fear! It is not a song, but something a little different!

pixel Dont Let Your Fear Carry You, Let Your Faith Carry You
PinExt Dont Let Your Fear Carry You, Let Your Faith Carry You
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