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Does anyone else suffer from both prolapsed bladder and prolapsed uterus?

Posted by mamaeva

Hi, I was diagnoiced with both prolapsed bladder and uterus.  I am 32 now and the DR. said I don't need to worry about any surgeries until I am in my 60s.  Off and on I still getr very bad cramps,, back pain.  The pain brings me to tears and it is hard to get up, walk or lay down.  Any sugestions would be great!
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I was also diagnosed with it when I was young. Acupuncture definitely helped a lot, as well as drinking lots of liquid and not get too tired. Core exercise, kegal exercise also is very benefitial. 


Try physiotherapy, it can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that help keep all the organs up where they are supposed to be.
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