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Does anybody know a great Pain Management doctor in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or related area?

Posted by amdenis2008

I moved from NY to Prescott AZ, and I have had a terrible time finding a doctor who will treat me for my chronic pain, despite the fact that I have been treated for over 10 years in NY.  Once they get my records, which simply have the ongoing symptoms, treatment, medications and prognosis, they just tell me things like:

1. Sorry, my practice is full.

2. I don't think I am a good fit for your condition, here is another doctor who will be able to treat you (which gave me the above excuse).


I have tried three Pain Management doctors so far in the  area, each with the same results.  I have never had this sort of experience ever, and there is nothing unusual in my records for a Pain Management professional to treat.  Just the typical treatments, office visits and medications.

 Two of the thee doctors, would not even speak to me (on the phone or in person, as I had come up for an office visit they had set up for me).  They just put me off to another doctor. 

What is going on, and what can I do? 

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20325 N 51st Ave. N of 101 and 51st ave. Dr Brian Page
Wow! We are thinking of moving there and my husband lives with chronic pain and now I am afraid to go after hearing what you have been through.
small world...In the same medical plaza is a physical therapist that I recommended amdenis2008 as having much success in helping patients with chronic pain.  Her name is Heather Brummett and she is the owner of Balanced Physical Therapy and Pilates.
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