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Does an acetabular labral tear cause sciatic pain?

Posted by Linda

I have a bad back but recently my hip hurts and parts of my leg go numb or have shooting pain.
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Good question Linda. Within the last year I was diagnosed with bursitis in my right hip soon followed by groin pain which I recently found out after an MRI that I have a laberal tear. However in between finding this out I have been having back pains that on occasion have made me immobile. After several ER visits and other visits by my orthopedic Dr. I was told that I was having sciatic flairs. I never thought the two were related until I read your question. Now I am curious. I do plan to ask the Dr. on my next visit. If I find out before you I will post my findings. Good luck Linda. 


I am a letter carrier for the postal service and had sciatica severally down my left leg from hip to knee.  I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at the L5,S1 location.  I had back surgery and my sciatica went away for a short time, but now it is back and much worse.  After doing some research and talking with another carrier who I thought was off for a long period of time for another back surgery, but found out that he had hip surgery for a torn hip labrum.  Before having back surgery, get checked for a torn labrum.  It will manifest as sciatica and leg numbness.  I haven't had my surgery on my hip yet, but they are pretty sure that is what is causing it.  Get an MRI done with Dye injected.  Also get an injection for pain when they do the dye MRI.  If the pain going away, then it might not be a torn labrum; but just simple inflamation.  I hope this helps.

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