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Devotion – We Are Priceless To Our Father, Despite Our Limitations of Illness

Posted Oct 10 2010 7:00am

“And how much more valuable you are than birds!” (Luke 12:24)

Although we don’t have pets, our neighbor has six cats that provide hours of entertainment for our family. They are adventurous, curious, and very determined. There’s a large, orange male cat who tried every day, for weeks, to reach a pigeon’s nest. We watched as he jumped onto the upstairs balcony and then settle on the rail. He remained motionless and studied the eaves where the nest was located.

After the longest time, he crouched low and jumped. He crashed into the sliding glass door. One of the birds flew away from the nest, but the cat didn’t lose focus . He got back into position, waited, and jumped again. This went on for most of the afternoon. Finally, the cat gave up, but he returned the next day.

Then, there is the calico cat that stirred up a racket in the backyard. We heard the blue jays squawking and couldn’t understand why they were in a panic. Norman looked out the window and saw two of the birds dive-bombing the cat. He went out to investigate and saw their nest. Even though the birds were keeping up horrendous noise and trying to peck the cat, the cat kept coming back. Finally, Norman shooed her and she ran away.

When I thought about the cats and their failed attempts to get the nests, I could identify with the enemy’s plan to come into our lives just to steal, kill, and destroy. However, the birds’ fierce protection of their nests made me think of God’s assurance to protect us.

No matter how badly chronic illness and its side effects come against my physical body, I can rest in the knowledge that it will never be able to destroy, cripple, or steal what is priceless to me – my soul and the love that my Lord and Savior has for me.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please remind us of Your love and protection each day. Help us to remember Your promise to never leave us or forsake us.

About the Author Dorothea lives in California with her family. She has been challenged with chronic illness, but rests in the knowledge that God’s grace is sufficient for each day.

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