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Dear Doctor: Thanks for the Memories....

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm

I've decided I'm going to send my surgeon a thank you note. I've always had a wee bit of an obsession for paper products and stationary and firmly believe that a nice note goes a long way. I'm going to send him a note on one of these cards by Kate Spade...

The card pictured on top is the front. It says "The Grass is Always Greener." And then, on the other side of the card, is the picture of the green grass. Clever, eh? The envelopes are lined too. Quite fancy-pants.

So, anyway, I've been wanting to send Dr. A a note for awhile now. I already sent a thank-you to my night nurse because she cared for me so well (and I imagine her job is pretty thankless). But I'm not sure what I should write in my note to Dr. A. What do you say to someone who basically had your life in his hands? I've batted around a few ideas and come up with a couple lines but I still don't know if it captures everything I want to convey. Shall I share?

Well, ok. Here's a rough draft:

Dear. Dr. A:

Thanks for not killing me while my bare bum was exposed on your operating room table.

Also, I appreciate you not making it awkward even though both of us know you saw me naked.

In closing, I think you're the best. But not in a weird, creepy way or anything.

Your Patient,

PS-I'm sorry my upper lip was sweating that time you examined my hematoma. It was really hot in that room.

So..what do we think? Too much?

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