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Day 5: But you're so young!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
So, I've left the house a few times to combat the ridiculous boredom. Today I think I may have my parents take me to Walmart where I can ride in one of those motorized shopping carts! The continuing theme...strangers see me on crutches and say, "oh no, what happened"? I reply, oh I had hip surgery this week..."but you're so young". Yes, that's right, I'm too young for this crap, agree. Thanks for pointing it out.

This morning I gave my Mother directions from the couch on how to get the little one to preschool. Totally feeling helpless. And, my 19 month old baby doesn't even acknowledge me anymore. He's learned he can't crawl up in my lap so he doesn't even try...sooooo terrible. He's usually a Mamma's Boy.

Therapy excercizes going great. I can tell I am stronger everyday. Especially engaging the hip flexor with heel slides, etc. Pain is good. I do have pain, but I'm hardly taking anything at all. No percocet last night and it is 9:30 am, my last naproxen was about 7 pm last night. So, i am probably feeling what is really and truly there. Achy groin pain, some sharp bone-like feeling pain. Resting with ice, pain level 1-2, on crutches probably 3-4. Only day 5 so that makes me feel very confident.

I still have intentions of posting the photos and video of the surgery for those of you who like that kind of thing...but I've been too lazy to do it. Will keep you posted as always!
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