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Could this just be gas pain in my 2yr. old daughter?

Posted by JessSimmons

My 2yr. Old daughter points at her stomach and says it hurts atleast once a day. She has no other symptoms like fever or vomiting, she just says her tummy hurts. She has bowel movements everyday and unless she has a virus they are regular bowel movements, and she also passes alot of gas. Could this just be gas pain?
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Hi JessSimmons,

Both of my sons have had this problem since they were babies. It turned out that they are both allergic to cows milk. Anything with milk in it causes them to have painful gas problems -- even those goldfish crackers. 

Our pediatrician suggested that I purchase simethicone drops at the pharmacy to relieve the gas when the boys have eaten something with milk in it by mistake. 

The real solution, of course, is to avoid eating the offending food. So my sons drink goat milk,  soy milk and almond milk. They avoid baked goods with milk. I never cook anything with cows milk, cheese or butter.

If you keep notes of what your daughter eats and when she has her stomach pain, the offending food may become obvious after a week or so. Keep in mind that it may take several hours for her symptoms to appear so, even if she has pain after lunch, it may be something in breakfast that is causing the problem.  

Then, remove the food you think may be the problem from your daughter's diet for a few days and continue to keep track. Once you find the problem food, adjust your daughter's diet accordingly.

Hope this helps,

CK Wilde

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