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Could my ankle swelling/stiffness/pain be due to gout?

Posted by anastasia beaverhausen

I have bilateral ankle swelling/stiffnes/pain. It's not constant, it usually only happens once a month or so. It is quite painful, making it difficult to walk. I am overweight but I don't have any other health issues like hypertention or elevated cholesterol. I am 40, hispanic/white and I do smoke but rarely.
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Hello Anastasia,

The symptoms you describe could be gout or even another form of arthritis. Women even complain of similar symptoms who are going through PMS. Obviously you can get it checked out by a competent physician if it continues. Since this happens with regularity, it could be the early signs of a chronic, degenerative disease such as arthritis. So you may want to get it properly diagnosed so that you know what you are dealing with. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can decide if you want to take a conventional or holistic approach to dealing with this ailment.

For more information on symptoms of gout, you can check out this link below:

 Hope this helps,


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