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constant pain in hip,leg,knees and an all over ache cannot walk easily very painful what to do?

Posted by BJ

I am 61 years old I do have vericos veins but I have never been diagnosed with arthritis although I'm sure it is slowly coming.  I had a fall in 1994, face first on a concrete sidewalk after that I had a hip problem on the right side. I have bad swelling on my left side around my ankle up to my knee when I try to walk or work it swells pretty bad.  I feel very fatigued and move slow. Just getting out of bed is a major pain.  I don't want to live like this the rest of my life,  I still feel like I could do anything but I can't because of my legs and hip.  Please give me some way to research or find out if there is something I can ask my Dr. to try. He gave me cymbalta for my depression and some pain relief but it's not working well and its been 4 years now since I started taking it.
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