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Constant lower back and leg pain after failed ADR

Posted by tylerjames

Hello, I had a  Charite ADR inplanted at L5 S1 in 2002 since then I have had 3 other surgeries to try and fix the problems this device has caused.  I was able to go back to work after all except the last surgery in March of 2008.  Currently I have extreme pain in my lower right back which goes through my right buttock the outside of my right thigh and calf and into my big toe.  My leg hurts to touch and if touched in certain places it causes my whole body to have a tremor.  I am currently seeing a doctor about a pain pump I have already had a dorsal stimulator that was removed after my third surgery.  Has anyone else experienced this type of pain after failed lower back surgeries?  I have had dotctors tell me that I do not have RDS but I am at a loss.  Failed back syndrom just seems to be used to cover everything if you have pain after back surgery.  I really do not want to  have anymore surgeries unless there is a 100% that it will help my pain levels.  I currenlty take tons of pain and nerve meds and have no quality of life.  Please if someone out there has experienced similar problems and found relief let me know.  Thanks
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Hi Tyler, I sympathise with you greatly as if you read my blog you will see I have had four spinal operations and have had little pain free time. I'm no expert and I have no idea what RDS is but I also looked at having a pain pump and was as the stage of going into Hospital to have it fitted but decided that had to be my last, last, last resort. I am now on slow release Tramadol (max dose) and a mixture of other meds to help with the pain. I rest every afternoon for a couple of hours and have altered my life to my back problem but I am still on the look out for something new on the surgery side but I was told last year by a top spinal surgeon in London that back surgery is advancing so much that in three years time they maybe able to help me. Hope this cheers you up a little. Do take a look at my blog you might find something that can help you deal with your pain. Have you tried alternative treatments yet? they helped me for a short while or how about Epidurals? Good luck. Keep in touch.
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