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Chronic Pain| Railtrack Therapy|eToims

Posted Nov 13 2011 3:50pm

November  13, 2011

Prevention and capacity to be able to perform self treatment is the key to managing chronic diseases, especially chronic neuromuscular pain.  Also chronic pain needs regular and ongoing treatment.  All these features have been met in these videos, except of course the safety issues need to be addressed to:

Talk of self treatments and ongoing regular treatments for chronic pain.

You can see the muscles twitching, a gross form of self treatments with  eToims.    I calculated the frequency which was right on target, low frequency stimulation in the range used in eToims indeed.

Twitching muscles works as shown here by proof of mass approval initiated and vouched by the very poor on their cohort study!  Since there is improvement in micro-circulation it worked for them not only for their arthritic symptoms but for other related illnesses such as stroke, hypertension and diabetes since these diseases are accompanied by the effects of aging nerve roots, tight muscles and poor circulation.  Railtrack therapy is just too dangerous for the average person or the person who can afford proper scientific treatment!

The article in the Lancet 2011 (1) shows you that there is little progress in the management of pain to date and the article (2) by the Institute of Medicine (2011) shows the huge expenditure of chronic pain in the USA (635 billion annually!)  and that pain management should be a priority because it is a public health issue.  There has been a huge surge in use of narcotics as pain killers in the USA as reported on the BBC recently. .

The advantage of eToims is that it can treat not only chronic pain but able to treat acute and sub-acute pain and is useful for diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.  Additionally eToims is ideal for individuals without pain but has discomfort and wants the competitive edge to play, work and travel that meets their life-style.

Since eToims has physical rejuvenation effects through improving micro-circulation it can be used for its anti-aging effects in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology also.  eToims is an ideal and complementary partner to looking good and feeling young.

eToims appeal to the mass market is huge because it is the only technology that can stimulate the deep trigger points and at the same time be safe and efficacious for repetitive long term use, even daily use and even multiple times daily.

There is no other technology to date that can provide this value for ROI.  eToims does not suppress pain like other methods, it treats pain at the mediate source and removes pain.


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  2. Institute of Medcine of the National Academies: Relieving Pain in America. For more

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