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Chest pain/right side shoulder and arm pain on right side

Posted by lady sunshine

I am 32 once in awhile I experience  chest pain, I have had EKG done a ulta sound done and doctors have told me nothing is wrong, but recently one Sunday night I was experiencing chest pains again and the pain moved to my shoulder and right arm the next morning. After two days I decided to go to the doctor and come to find out my insurance was cxl. The pain went away for a couple of days but came back and hurts even more at nights when I am sleeping, when the chest pains come it feels like a heavy feeling on my chest and my arm I can't left up in the air and at times it feels numb. Help could someone let me know what could be wrong
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IM actully going through the same promblem I went to the hospital and nothing was wrong after they did the EKG on me and everything was fine. I think it could be a anxiety/panic attack.

When serratus anterior muscles are in trouble, additional stress is put on the scalene, sternocleidomastoid, and serratus posterior muscles, all of which aid in forced inhalation. This can result in a growing cascade of myofascial symptoms, from headaches and jaw pain to dizziness and numb hands, making a whole list of mistaken diagnoses possible. 

You can find the primary serratus anterior trigger point on the most prominent rib on your side, about three fingers widths straight down from your armpit. Generally, this will be the site of greatest tenderness. When this trigger point is very active, you won’t like touching it.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much pressure to have a beneficial effect. Be aware, however, that trigger points can exist on any of the nine ribs this muscle attaches to. If you have trouble getting rid of the pain in your side, search the whole rib area under the arm, clear up into the armpit.

The fingertips can be used for massage of serratus anterior muscles, but they will tend to tire quickly. To save your fingers, try using a tennis ball against the wall. Or just hold the ball in your hand and pull it slowly across the trigger point.

A few slow, deep strokes across serratus anterior trigger points can give immediate relief. On the chance that the diaphragm muscle is also involved, search for trigger points with your fingers deeply up behind your ribs in front. 

Well,  I'm having similar symptoms right now.  It actually started with neck pain for me.  I found out through a MRI that I have narrowing where my nerves come from my spinal cord.  Believe it or not the pain I'm having in my chest relates to those nerves being inflamed.  I am also having the pain in my shoulder and down my right arm.  Maybe you should consider an MRI.  My condition is not surgically fixable but they have referred me to a physical therapist.  Just to let you know, even though my neck is the problem, my neck is not what always hurts.  Right now the chest pains are horrible and my neck feels fine.  Hope this helps......Have you had someone pray for healing for you yet?  I'm believing God to take this from me.  I'm only 27 and have three small children, so I need a miracle.  God Bless.
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