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Carrie Carter, M.D. Asks For Prayer For Brain Surgery

Posted Sep 28 2010 2:25pm

carrie carter Carrie Carter, M.D. Asks For Prayer For Brain Surgery The article here at Rest Ministries where I interview Dr. Carrie Carter “ When The Doctor Becomes Ill: Interview with Carrie Carter, MD ” is the second most read article/blog post at our site. So when Carrie emailed me recently about having brain surgery on October 5th, I asked her for permission to pass along her need for prayer and peace in the midst of a very stressful time. Below is the email she shared with some individuals and has allowed me to share with you. -Lisa

I won’t be able to join you [for the Invisible Illness Week conference] this year because my son will be home from Michigan helping me prepare for brain surgery. Yes. . .brain surgery. I still freak out a little when I write or say it out loud. My surgery is Tuesday, October 5, and I covet your prayers for effective results without any complications.

Many of you know that I have battled chronic illness (especially constant dizziness, vertigo, brain fog and horrible headaches) every day for the past 11 years. I’ve had the best medical and alternative medical care…but now God has revealed through a miraculous series of “coincidences” and the knowledge of a super specialist that I have a very rare condition (only 50 other patients in the world identified so farI’m #51) that is characterized by high brain pressure (or high intracranial pressure) without ANY of the usual identifiable reasons: MRI normal, head CT normal, etc.

So we still don’t know what is causing the high pressure, but an operation that’s been done for decades (a V-P shunt), if successful will likely give me continuous relief from that pressure and ideally NO more dizziness, NO more vertigo, and NO more brain fog!

In this surgery a siphon tube is placed in the lake (known as a ventricle) in the center of the right side of my brain, connected to a programmable shunt under the skin behind my ear, and then connected to drainage tubing placed under the skin that goes from my ear to inside my abdomen. Sorry if the details are too icky.

The catch is this surgery is usually done on people who have too much fluid in their ventricles. I actually have smaller than usual brain ventricles, so the surgery is more difficultit is harder to get the tube in the right position. Since there is also a strong chance that the tube may not be in the right position 24 hours later, they will do a CT scan thenand if not right, I will undergo brain surgery again that 2nd day. The recovery time is estimated as 6-8 weeks.

I praise our God, our Lord and Savior for this chance to get betterfor this hope that now lives in me! I’m so grateful! But I’m also slightly terrified. Please pray that I will have a safe and successful surgery, and that I surrender my fear.

Sorry this is long-winded, but I’ve been much sicker this past year and this afternoon have a window of time when my brain is working well enough to share this news and request. I look forward to NEXT year’s conference and the privilege of being with all of you then.

Oh. . .one last thing: I thank you ahead of time from the bottom of heart if you choose to pray for me, but must say that I may not be well enough to reply to any emails for a very long time. So if you email me, please understand my silence is not personalit’s because it may be impossible for me to reply. My husband is planning to send out a couple group emails to those family and friends who want to know how it goes and my progress. If you wish to be included please reply to hubby Gary Chun at

The room is spinning again so time for me to lie down. But hopefully the spinning will stop after October 5th (4 days before my birthdaywhat a gift!)

Bless you and thank you,

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