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can you die from a broken tailbone if it is not treated.

Posted by sarah

a friend of mine died in august. she had a broken tailbone ande never had it treated, but a doctor did know about it and never told her. she was also very over weight.
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I'm sorry for your loss but people who are overweight are at a higher risk for dying than are people of normal weight.  It's very unlikely that your friend's untreated broken tailbone directly led to her untimely demise.  However, the trauma that she sustained that led to the broken tailbone might explain her death.  But even that may be just coincidental.  Unfortunately, you haven't really offered enough information for me to hazard much of a guess.  If your friend's cause of death is really a concern, it's best to seek an autopsy, although this might prove difficult at this late stage 3 months after her passing.  Still, you never know . . .
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