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Can physical therapy decrease the amount of scar tissue causing tarsel tunnel syndrome? What other things help?

Posted by Robin

It is about a year and a half after having a post tibial tendon transfer on my Lf ankle. The result has been somewhat successful. There are times when I am pretty good and other times when near the incision site is numb and I have a lot of pain. I always have some amount of swelling. I am on Celebrex as an anti-inflamitory,I also have an ankle brace. My Dr. now thinks I might have tarsal tunnel syndrome.He is going to send me for an MRI. If internal scaring is the cause of my problem can physical therapy rid this area of scar tissue? What if the MRI indicates a need for surgery, can I do more damage by not having the surgery? I do not want to have the surgery as it does not seem to have a great success rate.
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