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Can Massage Therapy Help Prevent Injuries?

Posted Jun 17 2010 7:00am

By Adriana Noton

Massage therapy is an ancient art and science dating back as far as 2000 BC. The popularity of massages has endured because it is a proven method of improving one’s physical health and emotional well being. Massage is the therapeutic manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. It not only is used to relax muscles and stimulate healing of deep tissue injuries, but it can also be used to prevent injuries.

Massage therapy can help treat and prevent not only sports injuries, but also injuries received during everyday activities. This type of therapy helps to improve and maintain muscle and connective tissue health which helps to reduce the chance of injury. It focuses on such areas as muscle tone and relaxation, range of motion, and flexibility. The muscles, tissues, tendons, and ligaments are manipulated manually using specific massage techniques for the purpose of restoring elasticity to the deep tissues and strengthening muscles to allow for more elasticity. This allows for better movement and makes the body less at risk of receiving an injury.

Massage therapy supplies provides a number of therapeutic effects that helps minimize the chance of receiving an injury. For instance, over time, muscles can tighten and shorten which increases the risk of muscle, ligament, and tendon strains. Regular massage sessions helps keep muscles and tissues loose and flexible decreasing the risk of strain and tears. A deep tissue massage will improve circulation so that blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues will be increased. This will optimize muscle and ligament health and relieve muscle stiffness and tension.

There are massage techniques that cause the body to release natural chemicals called endorphins which are natural pain killers. It has also been shown that massage therapy on a regular basis can not only help prevent injury, but it also helps extend an athlete’s career by maintaining physical health. Other ways regular massage sessions helps prevents injuries includes: improving mobility, joint flexibility and range of motion, increasing circulation, strengthening the immune system, and alleviating musculoskeletal problems which will improve posture.

When given by a by an experienced and licensed massage therapist, a massage will alleviate tension all over the body, including stress tension. One will be healthier, feel good all over, and be in better shape to ward off injury from engaging in everyday tasks such as house cleaning, gardening, moving items, and much more. A massage therapist is able to identify any tender areas that need work and stimulate the muscles and tissues to strengthen and tone. It is important to use the services of a licensed massage therapist as a person unskilled in the art and science of massage with no massage therapy equipment can cause injury.

As well a professional massage will reduce the instances of soreness, spasms, pain in specific areas such as in the neck and lower back, improves joint flexibility, and improves range of motion, decreases blood pressure which can decrease the chance of a stroke or heart attack, and ensure fluids drain properly instead of accumulating in one area. The over all result is an increase in comfort and more ability to engage in physical activities.

Massage therapy has been practiced for so many years because of its proven health benefits. It is even a part of many conventional health treatments. In fact, many health insurance companies provide coverage for therapeutic massages. It is a therapeutic and preventative technique practiced by millions of people of all ages throughout the world.

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