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Can a pinched nerve in the neck or between the shoulder blades cause chronic headaches? What can be done to alleviate this?

Posted by Holly28

I get severe headaches that are always on the right side of my face and head and radiate down to my neck and and shoulders between my shoulder blades. I thought they were sinus headaches but it isn't normal for them to go down the back. It always feels like I have a tight muscle there when this happens, pain meds don't work and the headaches seem to always last for two days and then go away.  Only to return again another day. I have been suffering from them for about 6-7 yrs. now never had this as a teenager or youth. I had my wisdom teeth pulled thinking that it was becasue they were impacted, went to the eye dr. thinking maybe it was my eyes and even tried extreme diet restrictions and still I have them. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I just want relief. Thank you, Holly.
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I would suggest going to a headache specialist.  There is a train of thought that what American's refer to as tension headaches are actually a variation of migraines.  I've been told that in Europe (or at least the international literature) that sinus pressure/infection & muscle tension are not recognized causes of headaches.  Because your headache pain is always on the same side of your face and runs down the same side of the your body, you might ask your family physician to check and make sure there's nothing else going on before going to a massage therapist.  Good luck!
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