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burning and tingling a nerve problem?

Posted by nikkirtw

I have burning and tingling all over my body, usually it's just in my legs, but sometimes it occurs all over.  Like today I have it, and it hurts to wear clothing.  I've had my whole body Mri, and been tested for infectious diseases and everything comes back negative.  I'm taking 1,200 mg gabentin a day, and still nothing relieves it.  Would you have any idea of what this is.. I'm so tierd of this
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Have you been tested for low blood calcium (PTH) or low B-12? Both of these can cause tingling.
yep..had every blood test possible.  You'd think they'd find something, but apparently I seem to be very healthy.  It just really annoys me that no one knows what is going on.


I am presently experiencing what I would consider chronic burning and tingling sensations in every part of my body that have been going on for about 3 weeks this time.  Last two time where last year in May and August 2008 where I had these symptoms last for weeks then also.  I am besides myself wanting some relief from these miserable pain suffering symptoms.  I am scared of MS, especially since everything I read says the diagnois of MS can take up to 3-4 years.  I have had so many tests for everything. So, far nothing has turned up but a possible pinch nerve in the neck and some disc compression in my lower back.  I'm so dizzy sometimes I feel I may fall down.  My neuro is doing another MRI in the next two weeks.  I haven't had one since the two I had last year, but my symptoms are worse than last year.  I know what you are going through.  You must be persistent in finding out what is wrong with you and don't get discouraged by doctors not knowing what to do or how to treat you.  Find a really good Neuro doctor that is willing to listen to you and hear your problems.  I really, really understand you're wanting help, because I do to.




Have either of you been to a chiropractor?  It's an option that may help.
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