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Brain Foods Your Kids Need

Posted Jan 26 2009 4:33pm

11 edibles that boost brain function, enhance memory, and improve concentration.
By Sarah Mahoney , Sarah Mahoney is a freelance writer and contributing editor to Prevention magazine.

For years, athletes have eaten to win. Is it possible for kids to eat to learn?

You bet, and some brain foods go straight to the head of the class. Leading nutrition researchers are learning more every day about the power certain foods have on growing bodies. Not only can these nutrition all-stars help build a better brain, but they can also supply school-age children with the focus needed to navigate their time tables, sit still during story time, and still have energy for a fierce game of freeze tag.

Okay, maybe these brain foods aren't your kids' favorites--yet. But if you're willing to be patient and offer them regularly, they soon will be: "With kids, nutrition is all about structure and consistency. Once new foods become predictable, they'll come around," says Susan L. Johnson, PhD, director of the Children's Eating Laboratory at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. To continue with this post from , please continue here:

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