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Black Women, White Woman, and Urinary Incontinence

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:13pm 1 Comment

I find this very interesting. Apparently Black women do not experience stress incontinence at the same rate as white women. But Black women experience urge incontinence more often than White women.

I can't help but think that this is very subjective. Sure it's a study, but at the same time there are many factors that lead to both and it's probably more of a cultural thing than it is any biological difference between Black and White women.

In any event, here's the news .

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My name is Ora, I wake up all through the night to peen, but in the day time it don't seen so hard on me. I walked every day, but by read about my experience. I also think it stress, and coffee, I like the tasts, but I only drank one cup a day. I'm walking to loose weigh, I have lose ten pound and working on loosing ten more, right now I weigh two hundred and I'm five 11, but some of my weigh was both on by menopause, and knee replacement. Thank if you can give me more of what to do on mine own.
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