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Black Men with Chronic Pain Show Greatest Risk for Depression

Posted May 17 2010 9:16am

It seems that regardless of what the study is, unfortunately for black men, they tend to be the ones who often times have the most challenges. A new study that says they are at greater risk for depression has now emerged. The findings were reported in the , April edition.

Medical News Today reports the following:

Black men with chronic pain related to an accident, injury, illness, surgery or other causes were more likely to experience depression, affective distress and disability than white men with chronic pain, according to a new study by the Health System.

The persistent pain black men experienced was more severe which might lead to greater disability, but the study by U-M researchers give clues to other factors that drive the downward spiral to depression and disability.

As with any of the studies where less than desired results are found, we can use the information to have a reason to excuse away depression or we can use it as a tool in which to better understand why those around us may be experiencing such great suffering. As pastoral staff, counselors, and support group leaders, it is important to be aware of factors that may be influential in one’s behavior.

Previous studies have shown that black women are more severely affected by chronic pain. They have also shown that in general, minorities to have a more difficult time simply getting their prescriptions for painkillers from their local pharmacies. For a variety of reasons, this latest study concludes that black men who live with chronic pain are overall in poorer health than white men, and they are at a greater risk of being unable to care of themselves or their families.

Let us always remember Matthew 25:45, “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’”

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