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Belstaff Jackets Store Belstaff Womens Jackets

Posted Aug 04 2011 3:52am

If I love you,
And you happen to love me.
That you are ill,
I'll go to take care Womens Belstaff Jackets Outletbelstaff jackets outlet uk of you, and be with you to the good.
When you ride a bike, I want you to be careful, and you make a phone call to say with me.
You forget to eat dinner, I'll pretend to very angry, then say: "you so worry me!"
You hair disordered, I will smile for you dial the means, and then, in your hands of reluctance to the hair for a few seconds.
You want to cry, I will accompany you Belstaff Jackets MensBelstaff Jackets Womens cry, although a moment ago my mood is actually the caper.
The first is the "poor"
Poverty can't wait, because a but time is long, you'll get used to poverty, then not only cannot surpass ourselves, even killing own dream, and for life...... the not-mediocre yung

The second is the "dream"

Dreams can't wait, because the life the Belstaff Jackets UK saleCheapest Belstaff jackets sale store different stage, will have a different experience and ideas, imagine a question: if when you were 20 dream in 60 years old, when achieved, it's like a situation?

For example when you were 20 dream is to hope I can get a ferrari sports car, and then travel around China's vigor. You have been working hard, very not easy to 60 years old, I finally afford the sports Belstaff Jackets Online StoreWomens Belstaff Jackets online car, but to realize the dream of young, I'm afraid is the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...

The third is the "family"

His family can't wait, Belstaff Jackets WomensBelstaff Sunglasses maybe we are young and we have a lot of time can let we grope beat, but the family have? They still have time until we succeed? And time we make money, let them a good life, let they are proud of us?
You want to smile, I can only slightly to you with a smile.
I'm in class, or will you name Belstaff Jackets StoreBelstaff Womens Jackets pronouncing, think of voice.
I was shopping, will think of "who got you this?"
I found a good thing, but will think of "who told you the good news?"
After I suffer from insomnia, will hide don't let you see my black rim of the eye.
I stay up late, not in expect the belstaff jackets outletBelstaff jackets telephone rang out to..
I think about you, can think of, at this moment, thinking about who you are? ......
If rain remains after rain and sorrow remains after sorrow if after,
Please let me easily face after the departure of the depart,
The smile to continue to search, and a unlikely of you.

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