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Posted Mar 07 2011 2:02pm


Know someone who complains, but won’t come in?  Many spinal problems produce uneven weight distribution that may affect balance and posture.  Here’s a simple test that may do the convincing for you!


All you need are two bathroom scales and the skeptic!


1.)   Obtain two bathroom scales and make both standing surfaces level.

2.)   Have the test subject stand on the two scales.  With their eyes closed, have them tilt their head up and down and then left and right, settling to a comfortable, neutral position.  Record the scale readings for each leg.

RIGHT LEG_______  LEFT LEG________

3.)   To eliminate any difference between the scales, have the subject stand and face the opposite direction and record the weights.

RIGHT LEG_______    LEFT LEG________

4.)   Assessment:

a.     Average the findings of the left leg by adding both left leg readings and dividing by two.

b.    Average the results for the right leg by adding both readings and dividing by two.

c.     A difference greater than 5lbs between both legs is significant.  Call us to make an appointment for a more thorough examination!

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