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Arthritis and Chronic Joint Pain

Posted Mar 11 2010 10:50am

In Pain Free , Pete Egoscue has this to say about Arthritis:

The All-Purpose Diagnosis

Arthritis causes joint deterioration. Thus, all joint deterioration is caused by arthritis. This clumsy exercise in deduction would earn a failing grade in a freshman college course in logic. Yet in most people over the age of forty, arthritis is routinely blamed for chronic joint pain. Much of this “arthritis” is really symptomatic of musculoskeletal problems and is treatable as such.

Pete, who is a postural therapist, goes on to speak from his nearly forty years of experience with the non-medical treatment of chronic musculoskeletal system pain and dysfunction:

I have never seen arthritis develop in a joint that was previously active and properly aligned. Never. Given that, as recent clinical tests have shown, moderate regular exercise eases the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the elderly, moderate regular exercise and musculoskeletal alignment in younger people would go a long way – if not all the way – toward preventing the onset of the disease in the first place.

Aggressive arthritis – the disease mechanism, not just swelling and cartilage loss – appears to seek out quiet, undisturbed places to set up shop. A joint capsule is a fortress, a world unto itself. Weaken it by blood and oxygen deprivation, which the prioritizing body does to any superficial tissue or systems, and arthritis has the necessary conditions to thrive. If you’re feeling hip pain (or any joint pain), don’t assume that the usual suspects are to blame. Start with the easiest solution first – and see what happens.

The easiest solution Pete is talking about he explains in the Introduction to Pain Free :

Being pain free takes personal effort and commitment. It doesn’t come from a pill bottle, a surgeon’s knife, a brace, or in specially designed mattresses, chairs, and tools. The thousands of men and women who in the course of a typical year visit my Egoscue Method Clinic in San Diego, California (and now across the United States and Internationally), know it, or they soon find out, and I watch them transform their lives as they rediscover the joy and health that had seemed lost forever. While each client is dedicated to stopping chronic pain in one form or another, they are all taking the easy way out. The easiest, really.

Drugs, surgery and manipulation are all beating around the bush and not correcting the underlying cause of pain or arthritis. This means, even if pain and arthritis is temporarily abated, it will return. Unless treatment addresses underlying musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pain relief can only be temporary. Correcting these postural imbalances allows the body to return to its design. When that happens the body again works as a unit transferring shock throughout its structures the way it was designed to, allowing each muscle to do its fair share of the work – no more or less – and allowing each joint to enjoy its full range of motion. This allows each person to return to a pain free and active life without limitations – what Pete Egoscue refers to as “our birthright.”

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