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Are You Listening?

Posted Nov 12 2008 1:51am

"Whoever listens to what is taught will succeed, and whoever trusts the Lord will be happy." Proverbs 16:20 NCV

When talking to your child, you know if she is listening to you. If her attention wanders and her eyes drift away from yours, you know you have lost her attention. Depending on what you were trying to say, she might miss out on a valuable lesson or a piece of advice. Later, she will be sorry she missed what you were trying to tell her. She does not always immediately appreciate the benefits of your wisdom.

In much the same way, God knows when you are listening to him. If you do not learn from what he tells you, life will be much harder. Proverbs 16 clearly states the positive consequences for listening to God's instruction. God promises joy and good feelings of satisfaction when you hear and understand what he is trying to teach you.

Instruction comes from God's words in the Bible, but also from teachers and parents who understand God's ways and teach others. Instruction from a mature friend or a spouse is important to hear as well. When you have learned from God in any these ways, you are then equipped to teach your own children the lessons you have learned. They, too, will know the joy of trusting in what is right. Ask God to help you hear what he wants you to learn.

Hear what God is saying to you and learn from it. You will experience delightful joy when you trust in him.

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