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Are there any natural remedies or treatment for central pain syndrome, please??

Posted by natchy

I have central pain syndrome.  This disease is NOT, repeat, NOT due to inflammation.  I have relatively little inflammation in my body overall because of my low-carb (Zone) diet plus fish oil.

This is more like phantom pain.  It is my "wirings" or nerves "misfiring" and causing pain to the touch, etc.

Are there any alternatives to medicine?  I am on a tricyclic antidepressant, but increasing it to the therapeutic levels necessary is causing too many side effects.

I understand that supplements can't help directly, nor can reducing inflammation.  However are there any natural remedies or treatments that could correct this inaccurate "misfiring of nerves?"  For example, chicopractic?

I developed this as a small child due to spinal meninigitis, which also left me unable to walk for a couple of years, as well as other health conditions.


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I have a traumatic brain injury which I attained 12/5/2000 and I'm searching for CPS remedies as well.  So far I haven't come across any natural remedies.  I'm taking magnesium as well as drinking tonic water or taking leg cramp pills with quinine or quinine sulfate and this can help somewhat, but not on any sort of long term basis.  Any remedies you find would be great to learn of.  If I come across anything, I'll let you know.
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