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Are concussions preventable? Here’s a new approach to doing just that.

Posted Sep 09 2010 3:07pm

John Elder of Egoscue Nashville has written a great article about WHY concussions might be on the rise and what we can do about it.

Of course, we at Egoscue are ALWAYS encouraging you to ask the next questions,Why?, so let’s walk down that path.  Why are concussions on the rise?  If you know anything about Egoscue, you know we look at the body as a unit and from a posture perspective.  Position vs. condition, right?  Check out this kid’s posture (position):

If you think this is the ‘exception to the rule’, or just an extreme case of ‘poor posture’, think again.  Look around.  Look at your own children and their friends.  The above posture, with the extreme forward-head position, the shoulders hinged forward, and excessive rounding of the upper back is, sadly, not the exception but the ‘norm’.  Now, think of this young boy wearing a football helmet, adding on an additional 6-8 pounds to a structure that isn’t anywhere close to being able to support it.

Walk through what happens when this player gets tackled….

Read the rest of the article here: Concussions on the Rise

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