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Any suggestions?

Posted by teresahall

I have Myofacial Pain Syndrome.  I hurt all of the time,I feel sick to my stomach, and can't eat well.  I live off of soup most of the time.  My husband is currently serving in Afganistan, and family is too far away to help.  All I have found to help my condition is heat.  It's getting to where it is very difficult for me to drive.  I have 2 children at home.  Ages 12 and 10.  I've bought numerous pillows.  No help.  Have gone to physical therapy, that hurts like crap.  Any suggestions?
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Have you been provided with any Rx, like Lyrica?  It helps with the pain but you will need to take it daily but, nothing helps to rid the pain but you need to remain active (so I'm told).  I have not gotten relief yet but continue to try almost anything.  Did you have any accidents / trauma that brought this to the surface?  Do you have any disc / spine injury?

My son served in Afganistan in 2001 - 2002; he was based out of Ft.Drum also.

Thank you for your support of your husband and for his willingness to serve. I appreciate him doing this so tha I can enjoy the freedom and safety with the USA

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Kind regards, Sue

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