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Any ideas as to whether the underlying cause is physical?

Posted by ashley1979

I live in the Uk and have suffered from pain mainly in my hands, arms and to a lesser extent legs for around 9 years.  In particular, I suffer a burning sensation on the back of my calves and my arms (the worst symptom) fatigue extremely quickly. 
I find I cannot hold things for very long - particularly if they are above or at shoulder height (e.g. steering wheel if driving).
I have seen multiple doctors and specialists, none of whom could determine a specific cause.
Any help welcome!

I had an MRI about 5 years ago, which revealed 'nothing abnormal' apparently.

I have seen neurologists and rheumatologists too, who performed basic tests to no avail.

I work mainly at a keyboard all day and the symptoms started as tingling in my little finger whilst working intensively.

It has been suggested that it could be psychologically induced from anxiety.  I have seen psychologists also, as a result of this possibility, but found no relief from this therapy.

I had lots of physiotherapy initially to work on the aches and pains, sooth out knots in my muscles etc, which hurt, but ultimately the treatment had little effect on the underlying pain. 

I have had no real treatment of any kind for about 3 years now and the symptoms are neither worse nor better.  I do feel better when I am away from things which tire my arms etc, i.e. on holiday away from computers and other manual tasks.

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Hi Ashley,

I think here (in the US) your diagnosis would probably be fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with years ago.  I am not a doctor but was visiting doctors and having tests done for 7 years!  2 years ago I healed myself naturally when I learned about the law of attraction and began seriously studying the mind/body connection.  I came up with my own method I coach from that I would like to share with you.  It is called the "Paging ME" System and is basically about becoming conscious and hearing the messages you are sending yourself and putting better messages in.  When I was ill I became my dis-eases and believed the doctors when they said I would be sick forever and getting worse (I was also diagnosed with many other diseases).  The following is a poem I wrote about my system as a summary.  I would also be happy to talk with you further.  

The “Paging Me System” is what I coach from

a method of healing adopted by me.

I realized I have not yet clearly defined it on my blog

so let’s begin with the letter P.

P is for Pardoning, yourself and others

a step “difficult” for some two-fold.

You have to fall in love with yourself

AND let go of blame, often deep seeded and OLD.

Cutting the thick ropes

that have kept you anchored in the past

Allows for freedom, power and forward motion

the future is yours at last!

A is for Attention Shifting

from what is bad or hurts to what is right.

Wayne Dyer’s quote “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”

can help you to see things in a new light.

If you have a pain that is recurring

one you feel physically or emotionally within

after observing the cause, shift to what parts are painless

Concentrate on letting the positive emotion for that pain free part win.

G is for Gratitude for EVERYTHING

My favorite healing tool of all

because when you stop to FEEL all that is good

you can suddenly appear 10 feet tall!

From the air you breathe, people you love, having clothes and food

you can suddenly realize abundance is all around.

When you stop and really EXPERIENCE this at its deepest level

more goodness is sure to abound.

I is for Influences, keep them positive

from news, movies and books to the friends that you choose.

Remember true all-weather friendships win

Energy vampires suck your energy, too precious for you to lose.

N is for No Negative “Self talk”

Turn it around to say it a positive way.

Even a long wait in the grocery store shifted to positive time for reflection

can change your outlook on the day.

G is for Goal setting which is crucial

if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there?

It is important to set mini goals to guide you

Think of it as climbing stair by stair.

M is for Meditation

which can simply be some quiet time.

A walk through nature, some deep breaths

to soothe the non stop ego-ic mind.

E is for Education

Your mind is YOURS for you to teach.

When you are learning things you are passionate about

the whole world is suddenly within reach.

This is the Paging Me System put simply

these steps are what helped to heal me.

It will be two years in January

I have been pain and pain pill free!

 My website is and I offer lots of personal development and spiritual material there.  Thanks and I hope this helps.  All the best for a very happy holiday and healthy 2009!


Thanks Jenny.  I am familiar with the general method you have suggested, but it is always good to have it reaffirmed - and I appreciate your opinion too.  I have seen fybromyalgia written on my patient notes with a question mark, but it is so hard to positively diagnose.

I can recommend reading books by John E Sarno on the mind/body connection too.

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